How many AMHA/AMHR shows available in your state/ area

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Aug 17, 2003
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I am curious how many rated shows are available to people and how far do you have to travel to get to one?

There are none available in Maine and the nearest is 4+ hours from us.
I live in GA and there is one AMHR show in Perry which is 3 hours for me. The show in Fletcher, NC is 3 hours as well. I also went to the TN celebration which was 4+. The next closest shows are over 8 hours away.
We have one AMHR show here in Brandon...just 12 miles from home for us. Beautiful facility, warm water wash racks, 4 judges at the 2008 show this past weekend--we had a great time there this year. The next closest one is in Minot ND, about 4 hours away, held in conjuction with the ND state fair, usually a 1 judge show. Olds Alberta has one this coming weekend, AMHR on Friday, AMHA on Sat/Sunday. For us that would be over a 12 hour drive--that's a guess, as I've never gone directly from here to Olds. We're 11 or 12 hours from Calgary. That show's extremely high fees have put some Manitoba exhibitors off of showing there this year. I think there's an AMHA show in Saskatchewan...Saskatoon perhaps?....if it's S'toon then it's 7-8 hours driving time from here.

Otherwise some from here are driving to the AMHR show in Winona MN next month--that's a LONG drive!--and some have gone to the Area 6 show in previous years--and one family from here has gone to Sioux Falls for their State Fair AMHR show the past couple years.
In Utah, our AMHA club puts on 2-3 shows a year and our AMHR club puts on 3-4 shows a year. There are also some close AMHR shows in southern Idaho. We try to travel to 1-2 out of state shows to help support other clubs (about 2-3 of us traveling together).
Here in Texas there are a TON of both A and R shows within 5 hours. We could go almost every weekend if we wanted.

Add to the fact that Worlds is 25 MILES from my house, and Nationals is 5 hours, and I'm set!!

(2) in Northern Nevada (both AMHA)

Nor-Cal show & Western Regionals.

Both are 1 hour away

There are a few in California. Travel time to those is 4-6 hours

Also a few in OR. Travel time to those is over 8 hours.
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The NWMHC puts on 5 AMHA shows between Ore and WA. The Ore state fair also has some AMHA classes. There are also sereral AMHR shows here in the NW with most of them in WA. The closest show for me is

3 1/2 hrs and the our longest drive is 8 1/2 hrs. We will make all the AMHA shows and probably 2 of the AMHR
(Hi Bill!!! You are showing that much - awesome!!!! Hope all the horses are doing fabulous!!)

Northern CA - I don't show not my thing, but there are usually 1-3 AMHR and 2-4 AMHA shows within a 3 hour radius. (a couple more if you count schooling)

Otherwise its south to SoCal or north to Oregon/WA either direction is 6-8+ hours.

What has really been nice for those that show is more of the shows have become annual 'events' which I think helps overall attendance knowing your show schedule is set so to speak.
Im in Ohio and we are very lucky to have a lot of ASPC/AMHR shows. We have 3 this month alone within 2 hrs of us. Then I think there are 3 in July and 1 in august.

There is also 1 amha show in springfield ohio
Just want to add that most of the shows in New England are A shows - only one R show at this time. This is another reason why we show Pinto - there are 4 shows a year less than 2 hours from us with the opportunity to get LOTS of national points.
Here in Colorado we have 6 AMHA shows, then we have 3 AMHR shows this year one of which is after qualifing for this year which is a drag cuz I usually need that show if I decide to go to Nationals.
Here in Michigan we have 3 AMHR shows Unfortuantly there are no AMHA shows in Michigan.lAlso within 15 mins from my house our local club hosts 3 mini shows a year they're not pointed but have most classes that a pointed show has, (I like to use these shows on my first year horses and its alot of fun) theres also many fairs around in August that host miniature shows its always fun to make some money showing for a change
So I go to around 8 shows a year in Michigan.
Not too bad since 8 months out of the year it feels like winter
There is only 1 AMHA show that i know of in Ohio in Springfield, but i could be wrong and there be more. I know of some in KY and IN.

I do AMHR/ASPC shows, and we have in Ohio this month. All of the shows are less then 3 hour drive for me. Then 2 in July. Then 1 in August.

For the most part, for an average show we drive about 2.5 hours and that includes Ohio World. Congress is just a tad over 4 hours away this year.
3 AMHR shows only 15 minutes from my farm at the state fairgrounds beautiful facility.May, June&July Classes for Minis at State Fair in July and 1 class for Minis on a show circuit that has 6 shows in the spring and summer. No AMHA shows anywhere close.(8 hours or more from me.)
In Tennessee we have the one annual show that the Tennessee Miniature Horse Volunteers host- It is a AMHR/AMHA show and that is the only miniature horse show in TN, aside from fun shows.

We have to travel to KY or NC to show. This is about 4 plus hours from middle TN. UGH!!!
Here in Alberta we have 4 shows a year, first one is 1 1/2 hours north of us this weekend.Then during the Calgary Stampede early July only 40 minutes from us, then in Red Deer 2 hours north, WCMHC puts on a show at the Calgary Stampede grounds the end of July

One in BC that we go to, about 6-7 hour drive. June 28 One in Saskatchewan this year I believe that is 7+ hours driving. These are AMHA only a couple of them have AMHR shows, the ones that do have them on the Friday before the A show.

Our show season usually is done by the first weekend in August.
Thank you all for your responses my hubby and I were discussing this for another year and he feels 4+ hours is a long trailer ride I told him many have to travel that long for rated shows and I was right. Thanks again.
Wisconsin has NO AMHA shows. Since I'm closer to Lake Michigan I have to go 6 hours to the closest in Minnesota (and I think they have only 1 or 2).

Wisconsin has 2 AMHR up near Green Bay which is about 2 hours from us. They have been hurting a bit for entries so who knows how long that will last. The next closest R is in Illinois about 3 hours away.

I'm a die hard showing "nut"(that's from my hubby) so this year I'm planning on a Des Moines, Ia. (6 hours) and Area VI in Lincoln, NE. (9 hrs) and Nationals (about 12+ hours). It's expensive, yes, but it's about the ONLY recreation I do. We figure at our age the bodies won't "put up" with it too much longer so we have to grab the chances we have.

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