How about a garden tour?

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Sep 11, 2003
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I was waiting for the home tours to start
and then I thought maybe it would be fun to have garden or property tours. Lots of people have posted beautiful pictures of their gardens and flowers so it would be interesting to do a whole tour. When we bought this property there wasn't a plant on it. Everything you see here I planted myself and brought home in either my Jeep Cherokee or in my horse trailer. My husband is not into gardening at all so not only did I get to plant it all but I also get to maintain it

Welcome to my back yard- this is my back patio-


and this is my pool area-


This is my rose garden- It's kid of a mess but it sure smells nice--



some of my favorites-



Here are my agapanthas in full bloom-


and this is my flamingo garden- (I think it's a phase I am going through


This is one of my flower beds. Don't mind the wire fencing around all my gardens- I had to do something to keep the two puppies out of my flowers.


This is the back side of my herb garden-

On the other side of the walkway is my vegetables.


My husband built this trellis entryway for me as a Mother's Day gift-


This is my chicken house- On the left side there is a big ouside area that is all fenced in for them but it doesn't really show in the pictures-


This is our new gazebo that we just put in last week. By next Spring it will be covered with climbing roses-


And since the board is telling me that I have posted too many photos I will just finish

up by saying- Thanks for visiting. Come again some time
And you live there too????? OH my it's just breathtaking and looks like a resort. I could just see me lounging at the pool too......"The beached whale causes tidal wave at Sandy's" I do really hate being landlocked.

This is just so much work and talent! Incredible! I really love those darn flamingos too, what a great point of interest and a little whimsy thrown in along the tour. And how lucky are those chickens to be adorned by flowers too?

It's amazing. Thank you soooo much for the tour.

Question: I am wondering if you have to pull weedss inbetween all these flowers? Or is it maintenece free once they are planted?
Absolutely beautiful! Your gardens look even prettier than the ones in Better Homes and Gardens. Do you ever do botanical tours?

Ooooh please post more
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Thanks everyone. I am proud of my yard and gardens because I did them totally by myself. It would have been way too expensive to have a landscaper and I didn't know what I wanted anyway. In the begining I just planted trees because I knew they would take the longest to grow. I was dying to get lots of flowers in but I waited until I had all my larger, foundation plants in. We have very hard ground here, so to dig holes, I had to start a hole and then fill it with water and let it soften up for a few hours. We moved in during El Nino (CA 's rare rainy season) and it rained a lot that first year so that made it easier. Anyway, all I ever did those first few years is plant and nurture. I spent so much time at all the local nurseries that I swear people thought I worked there.
I have made lots of mistakes, too and I have moved many a plant more than once. I never paid enough attention to how big certain plants actually get and in CA everthing grows bigger than you would expect. My rose garden is a good example of this. I have over 70 rose bushes but there are taller ones growing in front of short ones- I didn't know you were supposed to plan that out

Marty, weeding is about all I ever do anymore. Because of my health, I have a worker who comes and knocks down the weeds around the barn and the horse fields and the rest of the 5 acres. I do all the trimming and weeding in my back yard, though, which is never-ending. My yard looks really good right now because since I got the two puppies I am outide watching them all the time and I putter in the garden. The one thing I don't like about CA gardening is that it's year-round. You never get a break. I sort of miss the winter when I used to move inside and do more painting. Of course if I had winter I would probably be complaining about not being able to garden

I'm going to make some fresh lemonade and my famous white chocolate scones and I will be waiting for you all on the gazebo
I love your garden!!

I had nice gardens at the old farm. The new farm.. well, it is going to take some time.
Wow, that is beautiful. All your hard work is very appreciated!!!

Liz M.
Can I come live with you???

I LOVE your place!! And I remember photos that you posted a few months back with your stencil work --- absolutely stunning!!!!! Are you a professional designer/landscaper or is this all hobby work? Which ever it is, you sure are talented!!!

I am not a designer or landscaper but I like to call myself an artist

I used to be a proffessional photographer back in my early, pre-kid days. Now I just paint and sell my items at the local wineries ( I live in the Temecula Wine Country) or on E-bay and I sit here amidst my million unfinished projects. I think I should have been Martha Stewart because I have lots of good ideas but I need a staff to carry them out for me
I love starting things and I always get really excited with each new project but somewhere before completion I wear out

Ask me about the miniature house I am building and furnishing- I started it when my son was 1 years old and he is in college now
You're place is absolutely stunning, it looks like a movie star lives there! We just got a new house and to busy just getting it all ready for a Wisconsin winter but next yr, that's what we'll have fun with, landscaping. I've never had a place to do flowers, now I have alot of space and places. But for now, I only have my two hasbiscus plants to brag on. Can you help me or tell me what to do with them? People say that you can plant them outside if you cover them during the winter months, if they are a certain kind of hasbiscu plant. I don't know what kind they are or if I even have the name spelt right. So I brought them into the house last wk and now they are blooming, they didn't at all sitting outside. Do you know anything about them that you can tell me what to do with them to keep them living until next summer when I can put them back outside? I'm asking because you look like you know alot about alot of flowers?


That is really beautiful, it does have a resort feel to it

I love gardening too BUT here in Maine this is kind of a sad time because I am cutting everything back and clearing out the beds and getting them ready for a LONG winter!

Finally, getting to put all mu horse manure to some good use!

You have done a great job it is a real credit to you!
Oh my goodness Sandy! Just STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!

How do you ever leave your driveway?

I only have one hibiscus plant because it gets kind of hot here in the summer and

cold at night in the winter so they don't thrive here like they do along the beach. I don't know too much about growing them in a really cold climate. You would probably have to cover them. See if this site is helpful- hibiscus

SWA- I would probably be happy never going into town. Temecula is getting too crowded and there are too many pushy people driving hummers while talking on their cell phones and drinking their iced caramel mocha latte yuckays.
WOW! Your place is beautiful...the view...the pool...everything! The flowers look wonderful - you should be very proud...I would of expected a professional landscaper. Very, very pretty!
Holy maceral to wake up to your place every morning must be heaven. you sure are talented and hard working.
Just beautiful!!! We have been building on to our house for a year now and once thats all done I hope to get more nice plants growing around here. With the hurricanes last year we let a lot of the horses loose in our yard so they were free to seek protection and dodge falling trees etc. Well many of them ended up plastered against the front of our house to get out of the wind. Bad news was they stood in/destroyed our flower beds. We have now fenced off a non horsey yard around part of the house. Maybe next year I can post some nice yard pix too.
Beautiful, place! I love all of it but would love to see the inside of the chicken house! We recently gutted mine to turn into another feed room and I miss it terribly!


What a view! Your place is wonderful! Congratulations on a job well done! We should all come out for snacks! Would you let us gather a bouquet? Just kidding!

God bless,


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