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Jess P

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Aug 22, 2004
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New Hampshire
Can I just say that this is my favorite show? every since it started? I love Dr. House. He is so funny
Oh YEA! My kind of Dr. Wish I had one that tried 1/2 as hard to help me.
Yeah, my dad started me in on watching it, so now I am hooked when I remember to turn it on that is!


My son is a Stuart Little fan, so I keep thinking of him as Stuart's mild-mannered dad and House is so different. *LOL* Very versatile actor, Hugh Laurie.

He hides that accent so adeptly.

Liz M.
Well, having listened to him all his career I can tell you- his accent is ATROCIOUS!!! There are some very good American actresses at the moment who can pull off an English accent (against all odds- most are AWFUL- it has to do with your conception of our accent
) BUT there are NO men who can do it. Very very few English people can pull off an American accent and Hugh Laurie isn't one of them!! Listen carefully- if he were American where would you say he was form, what part?? That's the litmus test for me- no regional accent- For some reason Americans seem to think all English people speak either like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins or the Beatles!! And it is a REAL turn off, especially dumped in the middle of an excellent show like "Frasier"
It IS the only show I try to watch! (Though by the time I got all of the boys in bed I got down at 9:15 and DH had to fill me in quick LOL
I enjoy it and watch it every week. It is amazing to me though how hard it is for them to diagnose the patients' illnesses. Is it like that in real life? People ending up in hospitals and the doctors don't know what's wrong with them and have to try various treatments/medications before they figure it out? That's pretty scary!!
My daughter got me started watching "House"; I love it, too! Anyone else on this side of the pond, or elsewhere,(I am "presuming" that rabbitsfizz has, since it was produced where she lives!
)ever watch Hugh Laurie in the various "Blackadder" series', with Rowan Atkinson? Talk about FUNNY(but, kinda raunchy-definitely adult fare....) It runs occasionally on the BBC America, on my satellite-and I'm sure is on cable, too. To me, it shows Laurie's versatility-it is a quantum leap from the various fopish characters he played on those shows, to the "Bernie? and Jeeves" series, to playing Stan Laurel in a movie about Laurel and Hardy, to the father in "Stuart Little", to "House". I got a kick out of his being nominated for an Emmy, too.

Rabbitsfizz is right; he doesn't have any regional accent in the series. Doesn't particularly bother me, but now I do wonder, is that an oversight on the part of his vocal coach, or ???? Maybe it's harder to replicate a regional accent than to to just a"generic" one? I will continue to watch the show, regardless!!
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My FAVORITE SHOW! I watch it every time. Last week I had to work until 9 & I got sad because I realized I would miss some of it. Did you watch it last night?
I like that show too. He is a character to say the least and not necessarily a nice person but i like him.
Jane, I didn't notice that about the accent, but then, I don't notice accents on people from my area, or the West Coast for that matter, so I'm not a good judge of these things. Where is "House" supposed to be from...?

I like to watch it too. I never noticed his lack of an "accent". Maybe he sounds like a northwesterner since Liz and I both didn't notice.
I like the show too!
I watched it last night too, but they said it won't be on for like two weeks they said because of baseball?!
Can't wait for it to start up again! I didn't notice an accent either....but I'll have to listen more closely next time too.
I had no idea he wasn't American, oh well.

That was a scary case last night (I love how they actually use zoonoses as some cases as well), but I kept cracking up last night. I crack up a lot now a days, I was watching Dawn Of The Dead the other day and I was laughing so hard (its a scary movie)
You laughed at Dawn of the Dead? How? I didnt notice an accent either. But I think he plays the character well. Hes not a nice guy but I dont think it would be the same if he was.
MiniSeasons said:
I had no idea he wasn't American, oh well.

I didn't either until the other week I was watching a Friends rerun and he was on the jet with Rachel and had an English accent I thought hmmmm I had no clue LOL
I never watched the first season, I figured it is just another Dr. show. Durning the summer I started watching the reruns and got hooked. So now I will be there every week.


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