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Nov 12, 2007
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Hockley, Texas
Anybody willing to share their success stories ?

Where do you find your best buyers ?

Show homes ?

Any marketing tips for a newbie ?

Thanks !
I'm not sold all that many horses so far (nine of them) but my favorite place to advertise them is on LB
I'm not sold all that many horses so far (nine of them) but my favorite place to advertise them is on LB
Thanks !

So does the internet seem to be the best way to advertise now ?

I was just wondering if local newspaper, yard signs, or internet ads seemed to get the most calls or is it split between all three.
[SIZE=12pt]We sell OCCASIONALLY locally, but usually get more "I want THAT horse for $200.00"...when it's a national champion stallion or mare they are looking at....well, I'd like to be able to buy that one for $200.00 too~LOL[/SIZE]

LB is the best site anywhere for sales, hands down!!
LB is great no doubt!!

But I have said for years I get a lot of local sales because I market locally. And no I do not give horses away. Putting up flyers at feed stores and western stores has been one of my biggest payoffs in advertising. I have had a couple of the "I want a top horse for 200.00" but not many. And truthfully you can get those on the internet too. I think too many times people forget to market themselves locally. Be involved in horse events even big horse events. Pass out cards. My vet is also a great advertiser for me

Here is my other tip. Get your web link EVERYWHERE. My friends tease me about how many places you can find my links LOL. But this is invaluable and creates much more traffic to your site.

For internet marketing you have to write your entire site with keywords in mind. I did a huge post on this once so I wont bore everyone again but I cannot stress how important this is. Too many people blow this off and this is why they dont get hits to their site. One of my best examples is you should always have written somewhere on your home page where you are located. My site says "located in the beautiful rolling hills of Thornville, Ohio"

I have gotten so many hits of people searching for "ohio miniature horse breeder" because I have that on my site it brings me up. Keywords in your meta tags is not enough anymore. You have to have it in your content.
It really depends on the horse I'm selling. We've sent breeding and show minis all over the country thanks to the LB Saleboard and our website, but if I'm selling a horse as a pet, then I advertise locally, so I can keep an eye on them. It's not hard to find a good pet home for a $500 mini around here, and I avoid all the tire kickers an ad like that would doubtlessly attract on the internet. We've only sold two or three that way in the last couple decades, but I know where they are and how they're doing which is important to me.
LB sales board is great
as well as breeder connect and banners.

Some other things, that I think come into play as far as "advertising, even if it's not direct advertising; getting your horses out and shown I think creates a whole new window of people who can see your produce in their flesh.

Ads in our registry magazines, even if not a "for sale" ad, can still draw people into your website and sales page.

Having a webpage showing your horses is something I think that helps a lot too.
As Erica said showing helps as well as Journal or World adds. The more people see your farm name the more it helps with the impression it is a big or well known farm.

Many people not only use the LB salesboard but the LB forum as well. It is all about getting your name out there as often as possible.
I've bought more minis than I've sold, but from a buyers perspective, I always look on L'il Beginnings....sales Board, Auction, Breeders Connect, forum member's websites..... I sold one horse on the L'il Beginnings Last Chance Auction. This is the first place I look ...even when I'm just window shopping.
I advertise our horses on the LB saleboard. I also advertise on and have had great luck on there. LB saleboard, however, is my #1 faverite place to advertize.

I agree with Erica, unless you get out there and show or promote yourself/horses in some way are you going to sell foals ext. A horse cannot sell / promote themselves by standing in a stall all day
. I also advertise locally, we attend out local fair at the end of every august and take out about 8 or so minis and ponies to that show, that is vey important. I also have business cards hanging up at TSC.

So yes, my faverite place is LB ..i have sold / bought most of my recent horses here ...
l've had poor luck but has worked selling through advertising...most of the ones that do sell are because of word of mouth and usually at shows. l must not write good ads or something

opps maybe because l can't spell decent..
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Other then the very few I have sold locally, I have always sold thru LB sales board. I listed my red leopard appy stallion at 4:30pm and by 6pm I already had a phone call wanting to know where I was located, and that they would like to drive down that same evening..which they did and he was sold by 8:30 pm..all in the same day. I am going to list my 34" A & R cremello mare as soon as the weather is nice enough to I willsee how long it takes with her, since the market has slowed up.

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