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Jan 9, 2004
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Shawnee, Oklahoma
We went out to feed this morning and here stands the prettiest sorrel and green gelding you ever saw. Evidently Little Man pooped in his favorite rolling spot and promptly rolled in it. I bathed him but he still has some green spots.

I wanted to take some pictures but hubby wouldn't let me, Little Man is his boy and he doesn't want any bad shots of him.

Thought I definitely had a horse of a different color.

Been there... but it was because of a brand new canvas DARK navy blue blanket - and I had left the sides open on my trailer....and it rained ....and the blanket bled it's color all over my black & white ... I mean blue pinto. The judges thought it was pretty funny when I took him in the color class, even after washing him 3 times! I learned from that experience to always wash new blankets before using them.
I can add to that list Jean.. be careful of halters as well i bathed my palomino gelding in a NEON green halter raven had picked out and his head turned green bright ugly i mean highlighter shade neon green everyone the halter was we had a show the next day and NOTHING was making that come out .. i showed a green horse (literally) it took days for it to fade
I have another color to add to this list! We have mulberry trees which the horses just LOVE! They love to eat them.....AND roll in them! In late spring/early pintos all get lots of PURPLE spots to their patterns!
You guys definitely have some colorful horses! I would love to see pictures of that ...
Know where you are coming from... I showed a lovely Blue and Black pinto at Area one this weekend - the blanket had been washed and he had worn it previously with no mishap!

At least it was the 4th weekend... maybe some red stars would have looked good.....LOL
I'm with and white pinto..and wonder best to keep white part white..Can you use Quick Silver all over? Or Black Knght?

Think I'll stick to Orvis shampoo or the like and good old LeFrance rnse on his tail and show like I used to our Palomino in 4-H..natural and clean as possible..did quite well actually, elbow work


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