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Jun 30, 2005
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My last show was on the 4th at a state fair. I just got a link with the professional pictures & had to post my favorite three.

Thats my boy Jumping!

That my little girl in her FIRST lead line class!

& that is just a picture of me & my boy looking pretty!

Oh yeah & this is the pretty mare that is coming to live with me!


Just had to share!

Thanks for sharing those pics!!!
Your boy is very nice and that sweet young lady (your daughter) is absolutely GORGEOUS just like her mom!
. I also very much like the mare that is coming to live with you, does she have blue eyes?
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Thanks for sharing the pictures of your darling daughter and pretty mini. Mary
Danielle_E. Yes that mare does have one blue eye the other is brown. She may be pregnant too!
I thought she might. She should produce some color for you if she is in foal. You will have to update us on her next spring/summer when she is possibly due :)
Wow look at that boy jump!

Very cute daughter too!

I love your new mare !

Hope to compete with you next year
Where will you be showing? If Shadow(Mare) isnt pregnant & maybe even if she is, I will hopefully be showing her in halter classes. Prince will probably be my performance horse for a few years.
NbarH with Dusty, Chantilly, and my mom will be showing Diego there (they should allow 13 and up to show stallions too)

Yankee Miniatures hopefully, I need them to send me show bills or something next year, I didn't get any this year.

NEMHS with Dusty and Diego

Carriage Meadow with All three (I think)

Hopkington Fair, Deerfield Fair, and some shows at the deerfield fairgrounds.

I will be showing a bit in New York too, as well as hopefully Nationals with Diego and Chantilly.

I will also be showing in 4H county and state competition with Chantilly.

Im pretty packed for next year.
WOW! You will be very busy! If you do show at Yankee shows you can show Diego yourself. Good luck!
Very busy.

I am hoping to show Yankee, depends on how my schedule goes. I am dying to see Tiz a Mini's farm.
Hey Miniseasons - NEMHS has a novice youth 13 and older showing a Junior and senior stallion.
J & H,

I already have my show bags packed. Just gotta wait for next year ;)

Youve never been to the farm!? Oh I love it! So many horses & most anything you could need to have fun with them! You should go sometime! Most of the people that go there are youth, who usually go after school, weekends, & vacation times. Alot of them show too.

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