Hi Everyone, I'm new here.

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Spotted Fantasy

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Jul 16, 2005
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Wanted to say "Hello".

We have recently gotten four wonderful little Mini's and have the bug really really bad. We are having a great time with the little guys. Our Daughter and Niece took two of them for the 4th of July Parade and they were great, like they had always done it. Next training them to drive.

This looks like a great place for information, I have been reading alot of the posts and getting loads of info already.

Discovered really fast it doesn't take much to get these little guys fat... Now they need a good excercise program

Really looking forward to getting to know more "Mini" people and their horses. How can you NOT love these guys..
Welcome aboard!! This is a great forum as I am sure you already know! Congradulations on your new mini's - pictures please!
Is there a special "picture page" I'm a photo freak I have two CD's full already. Plus DVD's..
Welcome from Sunny England where it is ....Sunny!! (we are obsessed with the weather because we have so much of it!!
& a BIG HELLO from Southwestern Ohio (not far from Cyndi D!)
Welcome from Virginia. There are a lot of Maine Mini People that will welcome you too.

Ginny StP
WElcome from hot humid NY! You have some awful nice Mainers up there for neighbors that hang out here!
Welcome from way North "hot" Michigan..someday it WILL cool off/

This forum is adicting and play like a sponge and you will bust your brain with info and the love and generosity of the people on here.

ENJOY! Glad to meet you.

Maxine PS I have family in York Harbor
hi from Northern Ireland - i'm just new as well..it's been a while from I felt like a virgin!

Nice and hot here to !

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome~and boy speaking of warm. Just got done with our Farrier and boy is it hot and humid out there. Need to sit in front of the AC for a minute and than time to go feed up again, never ends, but I LOVE it!!

Will post some pictures later on..

I'm going to have questions too..
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