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Sep 9, 2003
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Sire of foalLittle Kings Buck King is a bay roan who's sire Buckeroo[buckskin and Little Kings Tootsie i think is a bay. Sires picture

These are sire and dam of foals mom

dam of foals mom



sire of foals dam


the following are pictures of foal and his dam . What has me puzzled is the foal has plum/pink skin and light blue eyes. His dams sire was bork palomino/w appy with light blue eyes that turned copper at 1 or 2yr he is also pale in color now can barely see his spots.




There are a number of possibilities but I have first to ask...has the Sire been tested as Bay Roan or not as if he were to be a Buckskin Roan it would make things a bit easier to explain
There are a number of possibilities but I have first to ask...has the Sire been tested as Bay Roan or not as if he were to be a Buckskin Roan it would make things a bit easier to explain
Good point and no he has not been tested but, do you think based on his appearance [ color] there is a remote possibility he is buckskin and not bay?He actually is very dark bay appearing even darker that he appears in this picture. You are right though, if he was buckskin then foal could be a perlino which was my first thought with the blue eyes and body color but, I just can't imagine that BK is buckskin. Maybe I should have him tested however i would be totally shocked if he turned out to be bay. Thanks for input you have certainly given me more to think about. LOL
The stallion being buckskin would make it alot easier to figure out.

My guess would be perlino like you said (if dad is really buckskin), or some sort of champagne (maybe its on the dams side?). A perlino appy would be the cutest thing though!
Your baby isn't a double dilute, probably a palomino who's eyes will darken with time.
I'd bet that he's a palomino. Our only colt born last year was the same as yours when he was born and he's shedding out to be a beautiful golden palomino this year as a yearling. The colt from last year has a blue eye and I believe the other is a partial blue.
Thanks for suggestions this one really had me confused i have never had a palomino with the odd color skin tone and dark smokey colored legs. I had also considered the mare as some kind of dun so was just confused can Dun X bay bay/roan produce a palomino ? I was also confused because he appears to have darker legs which I also didn't think would be on palomino but, he does appear sort of palomino color just couldn't figure the skin tone and couldn't explain the blue eyes . So if eyes are going to change I wonder how long it will take . Would you all register this foal as a palomino??????
I would guess that this baby is actually a Palomino. I owned a Bay Roan daughter of Buck King. I have pictures of him & he looks exactly like his daughter. I highly doubt he was a buckskin. Bay Roans get very dark looking (almost black) in winter coat....whereas a Buckskin does not. All you need to do is to check his prodigy record to see if he has ever foaled dilutes from non-dilute mares, to know for sure.

I also think the foal's skin looks much too dark to be a double dilute.
Could be a palomino with dun as well?? Could also be champagne too which the sire of the dam almost sounds like with the eye color thing and skin color.
Nancy, what a beautiful colt!

Could there be a silver gene in there as well which would dilute the color?
Silver is another possibility if you wish to rule out Cream.

The dark legs would not be there on a foal that was Palomino, and not, IME anyway, on a Dunalino, foal they come later in life, if at all, on Dunalinos.

He does not, at the moment, look like a Palomino to me, but a lot can change in 24 hours...I should like to see pictures of him in a couple of days.

As to the Buckskin/Bay thing??

I had a Buckskin mare whose head was so dark that, had her body been Roan, you would easily have mistaken her for a Bay Roan.

I have a Bay Roan mare who looks Black Roan...Roan appears to "concentrate" the colour on the solid bits, so Yes, although it is unlikely, it would be possible for a horse as dark as that to still test Buckskin Roan.

His not having thrown any Cream based babies would be unusual but it would not prove anything, either.
Yes silver is possible too. I guess I will get some more pictures of him. Incidental I just had another dilute foal from the grand sire Destiny the palomino appy I will post pictures of him too Destiny so far has sired all diluted foals all have been diluted a lot one black mare had a foal that appeared to be a very pastel looking gray I guess it would be classified as a silver something? Maybe this is where the silver is coming from.

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