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Apr 11, 2005
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ontario, canada

ok i have been thinking and thinking of idesa for a costume for showing last year i did a bee and a beekepper costume. But this year i have another horse ! and she is a bit or a lots bigger i should say. this has given me so many headhechs tring to think a one. i have to come up with somthing soon our next show is soon . so your help would be so helpfull. thanks!!!

Don't do costume but always watch it. l've liked the sheep and bopeep the french poodle on a leash walked by a girl with an umbrella the elephant clown with a barrel. The bigger ones are the sail boat complete with a mast and flags flying the circus train and l love the bed with kids in it but no matter what it's a fun class to watch. The cowboys and bartender ones are also fun and the big baby with a diaper and big diaper pins and booties and hat. Have fun.
We made my granddaughter and mare into the Red Hat Ladies. Real cute!

OMG isn't that "red hat ladies" one terrific? Also we always did well with Raggedy Anne and Raggedy ANdy. Did it with the big horses, they rode as each as well as the horses were decorated then we taught them to stand head to tail and lay each others heads on the others rump
Always a blue ribbon there, brag brag

I bet you could incorporate it with minis also..hey I might want to use it sometime myself
Been a long time.

Good luck, Maxine
We do a halloween thing every year at the Colorado horse park. The grand prize is $1000 for the best costume. Needless to say, we've never won, but we have a great time doing it. last year my daughter and mini went as a fairy and unicorn. But some of the other costumes were outstanding. There was a girl who dressed her horse up as a dragon, she went as a demon andhten she had a pony as a baby dragon. The prize winner last year was a shire dressed as a circus elephant pulling a cart. This year we're using the whole gang as one entry. We're dressing up as characters form Toy Story. I've even convinced my husband to go as Woody (he can be such a good sport sometimes), I'm going as Jessie, My daughter (Jessi) is giong as little bo peep, Her colt is going to be a sheep, my other mini geldings are going to be the piggy bank and the slinky dog. It should be riot. i'll take lots of pics and post them. its not till october, so I still have plenty of time to get all the costumes made. So far I only have mine andm y husbands made. wish me luck

Oh I Love Halloween, though we do not do coustume in the shows, (I feel kinda stupid as I have no little kids to borrow, maybe by Worlds...) But we always do the big horses in halloween coustume classes.

Last year I dressed my short dumpy lesson gelding as a tug boat. We had smoke stacks on his butt, and anchor and a propellor off his tail, as well as ropes and foam bumpers off his side, we also had an air horn, (which we used later once other riders were dismounted) I cut out a huge cardboard box, painted it red and black, and viola! The Sea Holrse was born. I also had little salior hats for both myself and the horse, and made his bridle out of rope, and made the saddle look like a captians chair complete with wheel...We had to go in about 5 min after every one else as we scared the daylights out of everyone else's horses! We did very well with that coustume.

This year I am taking my big mare as a Wonka Bar (Or that neat boat in the movie... I have a thing for boats what do you want?), and I am going to grab a few minis to be other candies behind her, and I will be Willy Wonka. ... I figure it will be fun to make her a giant plastic candy bar, and the minis will be everlasting gobstobbers etc. It should be a blast. Though before I thought of this I was going to make her into a Hummer and dressing up as a Solider with a pair of American flags on her as well. I figured the candy is more appropiate then guns.

Good luck!

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