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Aug 21, 2003
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"Espresso" came to us almost 2 weeks ago and we just can't stand her name. Looking for something different or interesting to name her but we just can't come up with anything.

She's a black-bay overo with three tall white socks, and a spot on the one knee of the leg that doesn't have a sock. She has a belly splash and an "apron face" (white extends nearly to her jowels on each side) however, on the right side there is an almost perfect dark oval that surrounds her right eye. Her eye that is surrounded by the blue oval is blue, the other eye is brown with blue flecks.

She's 4 years old and stands 10'1hh. She was apparently amish broke to pull a cart but we'll be RE-starting her over the next few weeks. She came with a LOVELY ez-entry cart and a reasonably nice harness (good enough to get her started going anyway- I'm particular about harness quality).

The photos are from the day she came. Note......her feet have been trimmed since these photos were taken and she's on a serious "slimdown" program (I figure if **I** have to lose weight then someone else needs to suffer too



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I'd call her "Pretty"
Now were you looking for a pet name or a "Posh" name?? Cos I really would call her Pretty! How about Flecks?? With "Flecks of Blue" for Sunday?? Were she a boy I would go for Tuxedo, I do like the minimal Splash, especially on this base colour. Looks like you got a bargain, by any name
We're not much for "typical" names and do tend to name a lot of our animals with people names (Gidget, Oscar, Erma, Luci, Mona, Juan, Huey etc) tho' several of our dairy goats have "other" names (Cotton, Moony, Pink, Shame, Ransom, Galley, Felony etc). We're not much for cutesy names (in most cases) but silly is fine. "Posh" is fine tho' too formal doesn't really fit us either.

Yes, I do think we did get a good deal with her. She's a lovely mare. She does need some trust work, but that seems to be going well. She's already pretty easy to catch (that was a HUGE problem when she came). I just like the fact that she's level-headed and there's no biting, kicking or bucking when she's unhappy with anything you do with her. I lunged her for the first time last night and she definitely needs some work on "giving" to pressure but that will come. As soon as my bit comes in for her I'll be able to work her in a bridle.
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Crystal (Crystal Blue Eyes) --- makes me thing of Crystal Gayle and that song.. don't it make my brown eyes blue!

She is quite pretty!
Well, I never did give y'all an update on the final "naming of the pony". After serious consideration we've decided to name her "Cricket" (the only one of my husband's suggestions - it IS HIS pony after all - that I could stomach). However she goes by several names around here already:


"Miss P" (short for "Miss Pony")

"Pony P. Puddles" (my mom had a poodle when I was a kid registered as "Pooky P. Puddles" just kind of "fits")

which leads me to her final nickname "Poodle"

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