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Aug 20, 2003
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I am buying a registered shetland mare, a tad under 37 inches tall, and I am interested in hardshipping ( or whatever the technical term would be considering she is a shetland transfer to amhr) her amhr. What would the cost be, would they be as high as a regular hardship.

she is shetland and world class, i think. very nice pony and i want her to breed to a small frame overo , but he is only amhr, not shetland

If the mare is an ASPC registered shetland and is under three years old, she will have to wait until her third birthday to be hardship into the AMHR. The new fee is $400 for mares.

You won't be able to registered any AMHR animal from her until that time. If she is bred to an AMHR stallion only then at this time the only place you could registered that baby would be in the new National Show Pony registry. You only have to have one registered parent with the ASPC/AMHR to go into that registry.

If your stallion isn't ASPC papered, then you can't registered that baby with the ASPC side of the registry for that registry is closed to hardshipping. Those babies must come from two registered ASPC parents.

Hope this helps.

Karen Shaw
[SIZE=14pt]It would still cost the 260 dollars. 60 for the 3 and over age registration and 200 for the hardship. I think she also needs to be inspected and measured but Im not 100% sure.[/SIZE]

OK, Im a bit lost. Is it 200 or 400 hardship fee. I know the 60.00 for over 3 ( as she is 4) . I just was under the impression you got it for less , if the horse was already aspc papered.

This mare is definately under 37 inches so no problem being measured, i was just curious of the fees. At present she is open.
[SIZE=14pt]KAren might be right. I thought it was 200 for mares and 400 for stallions. Karen knows more about the rules than I do. I will go to the amhr site and see if it is any clearer there.[/SIZE]

Ok got my prices mixed a are the new rates for registering ASPC animals into AMHR...

Effective January 1, 2005...

Animals with unknown parentage will no longer be eligible for hardship. AMHA registered horses of any age can be AMHR registerd by submitting a copy of the AMHA registration certificate and a complete AMHR registration application. ASPC registered Shetland Ponies can be AMHR registered after their actual third (3rd) birthday by submitting a copy of the ASPC registration certificate and a completed AMHR Heigh Verification form. The fees are $200 for mares and geldings and $400 for stallions PLUS the age based retistration fee (ie a 3 year old AMHA registered mare will cost $200 plus $60= $260).

Again, if you have bred that ASPC mare to and AMHR stallion and that stallion is not ASPC registered, then the only registry that animal can be registerd is in the new National Show Pony registry. There is DNA requirements for that new registry. If you are interested in that new Registry you can obtain the forms from the ASPC/AMHR website.

Karen Shaw
AMHR/ ASPC has the new work orders online now for anyone that has questions about cost of registering horses now. Its under the forms section.
[SIZE=14pt]If the mare is bred to the amhr stallion and foals after she is hardshipped then the resulting foal IS eligible for amhr registration as well as the NSPR.[/SIZE]

This mare is not bred, and I bought her with hopes to breed her to a black overo AMHR stallion. I am glad to know I can register her amhr. Thanks for all the help guys

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