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Aug 31, 2003
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Emergency Horse Evacuation Locations and Information

People that may have some extra room for Katrina horses and or pets, please contact

Bob Pruitt [email protected] and we will try to get the word out.

If you are a rescue group and need to get the word out about your group contact us here.

To donate or to see what Horse Rescue groups are doing to help go here.

Sender: Kristen Velin Near Austin Texas

Hi, I'm not sure if you can help me or not. I've been watching the news footage of Katrina and I can’t help but wonder what if that happened where I live what would I do with my horses? I would like to offer my farm's pastures for anyone that needs a safe place to keep there horses. We have 17 acres of seeded pasture, with a barn and safe fence around the entire property. We are minutes from a vet and we live on site so we could offer a safe place for horses that don’t have anywhere to go. I know that I would really appreciate a nice place to keep my babies. I am outside of Austin Texas. I know that many people have come to Austin for refuge and I just thought we might be able to help fellow horse owners.

Here is my information. we can take probably about 5 horses but if there is more need than we might be able to work something out. We could also take some small animals or small livestock. Again we are located outside of Austin and there are hotels about 15 minutes away.

Thank you,

Kristen Velin

Contact Information

Ho'okahi Hoku Farms

3814 Deer Trail

Spicewood, TX 78669

Contact: Nikki or Kristen


Cell: 512-657-9554

Work: 512-402-0152

e-mail [email protected]

Elisa L McClendon wrote: Farmington Georgia

We have room for four to five horses; one stallion or mare w/foal; and three geldings. The stallion or mare w/foal would have a 12x18 stall with access to a lush two acre paddock; one gelding could have a 12x16 stall; and the other two geldings would be on a lush eight acre pasture. All pastures have plenty of shade. We are two miles from a well stocked feed store and twelve miles from the University of Georgia School of Vet Medicine.

We require current negative Coggins reports, current vaccinations, and current health records. We have space for two caregivers. Horses daily care, feed, hay, shavings, and medical expenses would have to be covered by the horses' owners.

We are located between Madison and Athens, Georgia in the community of Farmington, with easy access from Interstate 20.

Contact Information

Lilla McClendon


3970 Colham Ferry Road

Watkinsville, GA 30677

[email protected]

We have a huge farm in West Chester PA.

We are willing to come down and pick up your horses/ponies and provide a safe haven for them as long as needed.

Beth Orem

Contact Information

Durango Farm

[email protected]



I have approximately 180 acres of pasture available for equine evacuees. I can handle between 20-25 horses on a pasture basis; plus I have 7 stalls available.

The farm is located 1 hour from Charlotte, NC; 45 min. from Tryon, NC; 35 min. from Landrum, SC.

Contact: Debra Owensby (828) 289-5828

[email protected]

Sender: Philip Sawin

We have a competition facility about an hour west of Houston Texas and have 70 stalls available till the end of September for horses evacuated as a result of hurricane Katrina. We offer 12x12 stalls without turnout for $5 a day to cover the cost of shavings and utilities. Horses must be attended to by those assuming responsibility and checked by their presence am and pm. Negative coggins within 6 mos required. There is no facility here for sick or injured horses.

We may be contacted via e-mail [email protected] or at 979 865 5591.

Ponce de Leon, Florida

I am willing to take 2-6 horses that are relatively sociable. I have a huge holding pen and 4 acres of fenced land which has a large water tank. I live on 160 acres of land but only the 4 acres I can use as holding pen. Currently, I have five horses. Regards, Rosheda Alford

My address is:

1159 Alford Road

Ponce de Leon, Florida 32455

Telephone: 850.836.4796

[email protected]

Sender: Kathy 45 miles South of Houston

We live south of Houston and could take a couple of horses in. They would not have a stall but would have pasture and great care.

Our address is below. We live in Brazoria which is about 45 miles south of Houston. Our home number is 979-798-0609. Our cell is also below. We have a round pen and a 3 acre pasture with pond and lots of trees for shade.. We have a 3 horse trailer to haul if needed. Do you still need hay? If so where?

Mike and Kathy Wilson

Quality Railcar Inspections


10439 CR 400 Brazoria TX 77422

[email protected]

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