Help.....Do I have a pintaloosa???

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Nov 30, 2002
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Okay appaloosa people....I could use your help here.... I have a pinto filly born this year that is of Orion Light breeding. I thought she was a nicely marked pinto. I recently discovered she has an even smattering of dots all over the skin under her tail and down to vulva area. She also has two pink dots on her lower lip. I do not see any mottling action on the eyelids.

What are your thoughts? Should I try to take pics and post them here so you can see? Her mom is pinto and her sire is black. Her Grand Sire is Zorion Van Double Dutch, who is Son of Orion.

Oh, and in one of her big patches of white, there is a small spot of color. That's probably not significant, I don't know.

I'm guessing it's a only barely remote possibility, but those dots I have not seen on a pinto before!

Thanks for your help!
if she has an appy parent, then very good possibility, if no she could be homgenzous (sp) for a pinto gean... or it could be noting.. i see what i can find out

I would have to say she sounds like a pintaloosa... my pintaloosa filly can be described in the exact same way you are describing your filly. My filly is roaning out though. She's 2 now. But if you look at Unique, she looks like a silver bay pinto, with minimal roaning. You'd have to look at her private parts and her lips to see the mottling. And I have a 5 year old mare who is also a pintaloosa, and the only sign of her appyness is her mottling (eyes, mouth, genitals). She had a black appy colt by a black stallion with no appy breeding this year, so I know she is the one with appy!

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