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Rodeo feels the need to nurse off from Charlie... He really seems to think that Charlie is his new mom and wants to be by him all the time, Charlie even seems to think he IS Rodeos mom and mothers him around, even stands there to let Rodeo "nurse" whenever he wants. Aside from the fact I have gay horses
, should I seperate them or just let them figure it out or smack Rodeo's nose when I see him doing that or dont even worry about it?

At least I know I found the perfect babysitter/weaning buddy I guess.
Oh! I had that problem when Jack came home!!! I put Eclipse in with him to keep him company and he was nursing in a most embarassing place. Eclipse didn't like it but is really gentle. He kept pushing Jack away with his hind leg (not kicking, but pushing) but I didn't know how much he'd tolerate before he just let him have it, so I did have to separate them. Ironically, I put Smidgen in with him and she was having NONE of that activity and Jack learned his days at the milk bar were over.
Personally I just ignore it. Rodeo will figure it out on his own. It really is not that uncommon, and when Rodeo finds out that there is no comfort juice there, he will give up. And hey.... I love those geldings that are super great babysitters!!!!
Rodeo just lost his mother.

Charlie Brown is in a strange new place.

Seems to me that they are finding great comfort and security in eachother.

Charlie is being a willful surragate and is fulfilling a need maybe in himself as well as Rodeo has found some inner peace that he had been missing.

I'd leave them alone. Let them work it out whatever way they need to.

No smacking on the nose. He would not understand why you are doing that. He's just a little baby.
Leave em go. They both need someone now and how wonderful that they really like and trust each other. Just ignore it and it will pass in time. You may want to remind Charlie that Image will be his buddy one day.
I think it's sweet that they each found a friend in the other so quickly. Great pony!

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