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BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At 10:20 or so I noticed her with a raised tail on the camera and didn't see her pass any manure or urine. Right after that she laid down (head up) and I started to get ready. As soon as she laid flat on her side I was running down the stairs to the car. The horses are 1.5 miles away and by the time I got there I saw a bobbing baby head on the camera. Baby was clear of the sac and looking around. Stood about 15 minutes later. Is now almost running around the pen! Mama is cleaning and attentive and working on passing the placenta. Auntie has given baby kisses and is now giving the new pair some space. Got to hear a sweet tiny baby nicker too! It is very very very very dark over there, but we're pretty sure baby is all black with a white star. I will get photos and baby's sex tomorrow morning! Thank you everyone!!!! And Elizabeth thank you for being a magical udder whisperer!!!
Sorry to have disappeared! Despite having a wonderful birth with a vigorous nursing baby (so grateful!) I discovered first thing the next morning that mama had retained part of the placenta. Being on an island with no vet and limited state run ferry service made for a complete nightmare -- but a sweet friend sacrificed the floor of their camper van, and sweet mama Chickadee was so very gracious with all of the crazy and scary things we asked of her and her hours-old baby and we made it to the vet before the infection had time to set it. It took over an hour of some pretty serious interventions to get her to drop the last horn of the placenta. Though we are not out of the woods yet, vet was hopeful. Mama and baby made it home late last night (much to the relief of the rest of the herd who was SO worried about their new baby) and are still doing well. Still we are accepting all good thoughts and prayers for them over the next week as that is the most dangerous period for them.
It's a filly -- we named her Lark -- and we are pretty sure she's a grulla zorse!!! Stroud kill pen (where we rescued mama from) often has zebra studs, so we think that's what happened to give her her amazing stripes! We are all so in love and she is a spunky little sweetheart and mama is just the best and most loving mama.
Her best friend from the rodeo/auction/kill pen is due any day now as well and is enjoying life as an auntie (though I heard today she got kicked by the fierce baby Lark this afternoon -- sheesh being an aunt is a tough job!).


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Congratulations! Glad you were on top of things with the retained placenta! Cute baby! You should post her in some of the equine genetics groups! She doesn't have the dilution that dun presents with but those stripes are definitely interesting. I am sure they would find it fascinating!
Thank you again SO much for your help tracking Chickadee's udder. I am so grateful that I knew when it all happened so that we could quickly jump into action the next morning. And yes -- I am trying to get into a few Facebook groups to ask. Her coloring and markings are so unusual I don't quite know what to make of them!
Well now I am not sure -- apparently some black foals can be born with zebra stripes -- they call it foal primitives. I guess they disappear as they get older. For now we will have to enjoy her little zebra buns while we can. Here's a close up of her cutie little face. Mama and baby are still doing well. Fingers crossed that we make it through another week with zero medical events!


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