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Nov 22, 2005
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Ahh my new cell phone back ground. Isnt that terrible? I really need to take my camera down to the barn and just take some pictures. I never think I am going to and then spur of the moment I remember they are cute and I need a new cell phone back ground. :DOH! I need to get my clippers sharpened and take some real pictures! Their hair is a mess. I get the biggest kick out of Funny's tiny nose sticking out from beneith all of that forelock. They have been rolling in the dirt/leaves/hay. Also, Kegan is rubbing on random things causing his coat to form mats...
I have had to resort to cutting them out. I promise they are brushed often. I know they will look amazing when they shed out. If only the hair was not so stubborn! None the less. they are cute and I had to post this anyway. I hope you guys like them. I know I do...

Aw, how darling!! I finally clipped my gelding's head and neck when I found him rubbing himself silly and it turned out he'd gotten some fungus under there. You might check your boy....

Oh no fungus? Thats no good. I have had little to no expirience with it. Could you tell me what to look for on the skin?
I dont think he seems too bad but you never know. Thanks for the tip. Otherwise, thank you for the compliments on my boys.
Pretty cute horses you have there! Mine are just starting to get their winter woollies here in Australia and I love it! They are extra cuddly.
Thank you! I cant wait to see them all shed out again! The suspense is killing me!
Cute faces, I am a sucker for grays, love the hairdo.
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