Had a great day & got Bria home

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Sep 30, 2012
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It was a lovely nice cool day at Little King Farm. Seemed like there was a wide range of people there. I really enjoyed being there and seeing all their great producing stallions! I love Buck Echo & SMHC's Exclusive they are very handsome stallions! It was nice to see them in person. Man I sure wish I could have hit the lottery before I got there bc I liked several horses. I bet there was alot of people that walked away with a great horse to add to their collection or start a new collection. They truly are the best in the miniature horse industry. We were limited on time so we didn't get to stay for the silent auction or equipment sale. They had about 30 or so beautiful minis to choose from. Anyways some of you may remember that I was going with my boss to pick up her recent purchase of LK Bria Buckeroo! I'm happy to say for only knowing her for 7 hours she is everything that Robin told us. She is very friendly, super sweet, loves being scratched, and of course beautiful. She has one beautiful blue eye that we didn't know about but didn't make us love her any less. She traveled very well & is now home sweet home, relaxing in her new stall. I'm excited to see how well the other minis at the farm accept her bc she is what looks like twice their size. LOL she isn't really but she has a few inches on one and several inches on the other two. I plan to keep y'all up to date on her progress & photos, as she is in foal to Buck Echo and was purchased for my bosses granddaughter to ride a mini!


her foal photo


Bria trotting with her LKF friends


Bria's Body shot




Bria's Beautiful Blue Eye
congrats what a nice horse
love those boones little buckeroo
Gorgeous girl
Would have loved to get her myself. And I agree, there were lots of great horses there but only so much money to spend. I got both of my girls this last week before the sale so I didnt have to be tempted by more.

Hello everyone just an update on Bria she had a beautiful buckskin filly on May 2! We call her Belle, she is a great mini addition to our farm! I'm posting a few photos of her!



She is creating her own little personality and is very friendly! Belle was born around noon and we haven't thought of the perfect registered name for her! If you have ideas don't be shy! Also due to the heat we have her a haircut today and she was a very good girl. She isn't afraid of too much which is great!image.jpg

This evening after the sun wasnt as bad in her pasture


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