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Feb 24, 2004
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Western Wisconsin
I am hearing great praises going for the State of Texas and the City of Houston the way they have handled this emergency of taking in the people from from LA.

The way they have things organized the way they are completely handling this tragedy with great compassion and careing...The report is about how the Local Government has been behind this as that is where it starts first,, then they ask for Federal help..Texas has done this on their own
And Now Pres. Bush has also declared Many other States as well as Texas, a National emergency so Now the Federal gov can also help in the finances and such as that. My hats off to All you folks in the Great State of Texas. and other States as well and People
,, just have not heard much yet about those other States.. But to everybody that has pitched in and doing their part Hats Off Great Job~!


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Nov 30, 2002
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Recvd this from a friend today, just shows you how well they are doing.

Hi friends:

I closed the store yesterday and took my employees and headed for the Dome.

We successfully got in to volunteer our time and were able to pass out our

donations. I am sending this email to say that despite what you are seeing

on the news..... Houston is doing a wonderful job. I saw it with my own


They are not allowing media into the Dome in Houston. (for good reason)

So, they are left to speculate outside set up in the parking lot with their

camera crews.

I worked until around 11:30 last night in the nursery area. Despite what

you have heard the victims are welcomed into the Dome and have the following


Everyone gets! and I do mean everyone:

1. A bag of toiletries - soap, razor, washcloth, comb, shampoo, toothbrush

and toothpaste

2. 2. A change of clothing - men, women, and children

3. 3. A hot meal - last night they were serving lasagna, vegetables, roll

and (one other side- I just can't remember)... pizza was also a

choice...sandwiches, chips etc. are available as well.

4. There are stacks of bottles of water, formula for babies

5. The medical area is set up for emergencies and for general clinic care.

From were I stood (5 feet away) that ran smoothly and people were seeking

aid as needed. Lines were not too long maybe a 20-30 min. wait, but as

parents we wait in lobby clinics longer than that sometimes.

6. Babies are being given diapers, wipes, toys, bottles, socks, and clothes.

7. People are able to take a shower and there are cots and plenty of

blankets for each family to gather together and rest.

Houston, we should be proud. That said:

The victims are coming in with sad stories and they truly have nothing.

They are wearing clothes they have worn through mud for 4-5 days.

Please don't misunderstand my email. The victims of the storm do need our

help. They will continue to need our help for the coming months. It is not

the Plaza Hotel, but it is clean, air-conditioned and safe. Some have waited

in the hot sun for 2-3 days to make it onto a bus and then to the Dome.

Each and every victim, no matter the race, the age, the gender, was polite,

great manners!, very thankful and while the scene in the Dome is sad to see

so many people stranded.... it was very peaceful. People resting, children

playing with crayons, music and toys. Families reuniting.

It has been hard to watch the news reports with "rumors" of how Houston is

not giving back. I was there, I was giving, and so was Houston! I was

inside seeing with my own eyes, NOT out in the parking lot peering in from

afar through a camera lens.

The two things that I can think of that would make their stay more

comfortable would be:

1. pacifiers and bottles

2. shoes (for children) 0 - size 10,11

3. children's underwear and panties

Please donate and drop off your items at your local area. The supplies are

getting to the Dome....don't be frustrated by reports that they aren't

allowed in. They are! It takes man-power to open each donation, sort it,

and hand it out.... so each donation location could not just DUMP all the

stuff on the Dome. It is organized and people (Houstonians) are working

manual labor on their days off to move the donations quickly. The people

inside the Dome are grateful and the steady stream of supplies is perfect.

There were times we had too much of some things.... each hour a Red Cross

Volunteer comes to your area and asks what items you need. They radio (to

wherever) and those supplies start showing up to your area in a matter of

twenty minutes.

We sort again. It is a process.... and while we are sorting we are also

handing out. My line at the nursery was never more than 5 people deep at a

time. We were able to hand people clothes, diapers, food, wipes, female

products, infant clothes and bibs in about 3-8 minutes. We even helped

people box up their items to keep them together in that time. I promise

Houston is doing a great job!

In addition:

Baby clothes would be great, too. Last night when I left the nursery

section we had enough clothes to hand each family 2-3 outfits for their

children and we were feeding the babies food and formula while their parents

ate a hot meal.

Panties and underwear for children are needed. Buy them in the packs.

These people are grateful for anything, truly. Gently used items are FINE.

In the nursery area... people would walk up and ask for sizes.... there was

no grabbing, no disrespect and I can report there were no angry people.

They were getting what they needed. The victims were so nice to the

volunteers. BE PROUD HOUSTON.

I will return tonight to see the families again......please, know that the

donations are rolling in as fast as the man-power can organize it.... and

there are enough stock items inside now to help thousands.

I was not afraid and did not witness any of the reports of violence being

reported by the media. Again, I was inside with the people. Not outside in

the far parking lot..... where they are.

Please donate baby food, formula (they seem to like Similac) and pacifiers.

Hopefully, the dollar store has pacifiers.

May your loved ones be healthy and safe.


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Feb 24, 2004
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Western Wisconsin
Recvd this from a friend today, just shows you how well they are doing. 
Yes and that is what the reporter said what was happening in Houston on Fox News that is why I posted it FOR ONCE some GOOD news~!!


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Nov 15, 2004
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Central Missouri
I agree - Texas is Big Hearted. They were the first to take in survivors and definitely deserve the nations thanks. Please tell your friend I said God Bless.

Bella Alba

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Apr 26, 2005
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Powderly, TX north of Paris
Thank you from two native Texans. It is a great State and we're proud of our govenor for stepping in so quickly. We're in NE Tx and don't have a great number of people yet. There's a meeting/training tonight for shelter volunteers if/when they do arrive. Our hospital is on alert for additional patients. This past weekend 100 were in local motels, being fed three meals daily by the various churches. Plans are for a possible 100 at a church camp and possible 400 at a National Guard training camp/old Army post. Daughter is on call to do counseling if needed. Son is already on site at a center in OK as a paramedic.

Sunday a young woman was attending who had evacuated not knowing about her family and she was prayed for by the pastor who also prayed for teh rest of the victims. During the message a cell phone rang very softly and before services dismissed it was announced that the call was to tell her that her family had been found and was safe. What a sweet end to that service.


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Aug 22, 2003
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We were competing at a dog show at Will Rogers ( where AMHA Worlds will be) and 500 people came in. We all lined up to greet them, these poor people have been through so much.

There were tons of clothes and food donated to help them, it is nice to see people pull together.

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