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my mare is not showing any pysical signs of having her baby soon but today she has been looking miserable, laying sternal alot and off her feed. She is pooping and no signs of colick, and one of her piles was mushy. By my dates, which have been known to be off, she is over 340 days.
Yep I would keep an eye on her. It sounds like she is getting close.

Good luck.
Mushy poo is a good sign so keep your eyes on her and along with her being 340 days, it surely could spell BABY.

In our barn, mushy poo is usually a sign of a baby waiting to appear soon!
She is still hanging in there. She is just always laying down not wanting to eat. She loves food.
Any update this morning? Inquiring minds want to know...LOL

Does she have a bag yet? At 340 days, she should be getting there LOL but mares don't always read the book. I'd watch her like a hawk though and if she doesn't produce a baby for you pretty quickly might be worth having a vet check to be sure baby is in position.

My mare did the "I just want to lay down and not eat" routine for a couple days, then it was TIME! So your mare does sound like she could indeed be very close!

I'm STILL waiting on another mare who is at day 362 today!!!

Still no baby yet. She got out in the neighbors green grass for a few hours the day before. Started to think it was founder but she doesn't seem to be favoring her feet. Looked at her today and she barely looks bred.
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