Got the blood tests back on my two mares

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Jan 12, 2004
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Central Florida
Well until the vet checks and gets back to me, I don't know whose results are whose.

But one mare he said is definately NOT bred, she had a level of 1.7 (must be over 2 to have the pregnancy hormone in the blood). The other COULD be bred but he said most likely is NOT, she was a 2.6.

So, it will be interesting to see if Rhapsody is the one POSSIBLY bred, because Justice won't touch her even though she's in standing heat. Snazzy is letting him breed her, so I'm guessing she's the one definately NOT bred.

Oh well, we'll just have foals next year. I'm sort of disappointed.
And the girls need to go on a SERIOUS diet.
[SIZE=14pt]The mare that is slightly over 2 may be making a follicle to ovulate. They can get around 3 ish when they do that.[/SIZE]

Sorry there are no babies for this year. My most anticipated foal for the year ended up being a false baby from Image. She is also too fat.

They should be able to tell you WHICH mare is and isnt. The blood work is labeled, or supposed to be, when they take it!!!??
i dont trust the blood tests at all. my girlfriend sold a mare as open because the test said not in foal. Sure enough she foaled a beautiful appy for the new owner. My own vet says that they are not at all reliable
I've heard that too Kaykay.... any chance of getting them ultrasounded or palped?
My vet and the lab told me that a mare has to be at least 90 days pregnant for the test to be reliable. Are you waiting at least that long before you test?
Blood tests only work after so many days and before so many days. Outside a window (and that window varies from mare to mare, depending on what their normal hormone level is) they are MOST unreliable. For them to be any use at all, just like temperatures- you need to take hormone levels of the mare when she is not in heat and not pregnant, and then compare it to when she is in heat, and then again compare it to when she is supposed to be pregnant, which is all just a little too complicated for me!! I would go for ultrasound any day, but, then again, they can miss the foal when the mare is about ready to foal!!
Even more confusing! Unfortunately most of the vets in my area refuse to palpate OR ultrasound my mini mares. They say they are too tiny and will rip. Unfortunately no mini-knowledgeable vets in my immediate area. So I'll have to go by the blood tests..and since both mares are in heat I'm going to assume that they aren't bred. But still keep them in at night through September and keep a close eye on them in case.

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