Got my color tests back.

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Nov 30, 2002
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Im a bit disapointed but oh well I guess.

This filly here is the one I tested. She was tested for LWO and Cream.


Here are her results

Oakwood Critters Little Feather Miniature Horse nn -

She is negative on LWO. I am guessing this - means she is also negative on the cream test as well. Bummer.
I'm sorry, Ashley. But hey, that doesn't mean that she can't or won't produce some loud-colored foals in the future, right? And now she can be bred to a LWO stallion safely since she is negative.
Yep when she is old enough she will be bred to my aunts frame stallion.
It may be a bit disappointing, but good to know anyway. I had my stallion tested and he is negative for LWO. Now I KNOW I can breed him to any mare without worrying about a Lethal White foal.

Why would you think negative for LWO would also mean negative for cream?
I had her tested for cream as well. I cant get it to copy and past on here from the email like it did. BUt in the cream section of the results I just got a dash. Im just guessing that would mean she is negative but wondering why there wasnt any letters put in there.
Then I think something has gone wrong with the cream-test.

There will be something on there if they tested it.
Just emailed them to see what that ment
Ok, now I am very happy to be wrong. They hadnt finished the cream test yet. But got a email later today. SHe is POSITIVE for cream. She is a palomino after all.
Good, Ashley! That's what I hoped to hear! Neg on the LWO and positive on the cream.

Ashley said:
Ok, now I am very happy to be wrong. They hadnt finished the cream test yet.  But got a email later today.  SHe is POSITIVE for cream. She is a palomino after all.

Palomino with blue skin?

Are you sure she isn´t a silver smokey?

Was she tested for red/black and agouti?

Or is she from 2 red parents? Cause she doesn´t look red based to me.
That picture is from right after I clipped her and had her wet that is the only way you can see her markings. I also have a half sister of hers. SHe is palomino but when clipped and wet looks the same. However if she got the silver gene like her sister did(which I do beleive she did)
These pics dont do her justice, however here is a winter bad pic of her....


This spring clipped, most of the "colored" look is just shadows on her.


Her dam is a red based and her sire is black and white but does carry red.
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