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May 24, 2004
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Verbena Alabama
Hi everyone, I am a novice shopper and have looked at alot of horses lately in my search, but honestly am not sure how much the hocks have to turn in to be considered "Hocky". Should a mini be boxy with no turning of the hocks at all or is a little turn of the hock accetable?

Does anyone have any pics you can post or send me that will give me something to learn from. Is "Hocky" and "toeing out" the the same thing?

Could I please get some pics of "ideal" hocks and some of anywhere from"slightly hocky" to "extreme". How old will a foal be before you know he is going to be straight or not?

Thanks, It would be a really big help for me.
I dont have any pictures and am not real sure whats acceptable but...

Is "Hocky" and "toeing out" the the same thing?

Toeing out can be in the front or back hoves so its not the same thing. Toeing out is when there hoves point out a little, they can also toe in, both can usually be helped with farrier work. For toeing out, they would take down the outside edge of the hoof wall and for toeing in the farrier would take down the inside edge of the hoof wall. This is different thing then "hocky"

Thats all I can tell ya
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