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First of all i want to say that not all horse auctions are bad and CMHR does not in anyway imply that they are

Cathy and I will be attending an Illinois auction tomarrow that allegedly has meat buyers buying miniature horses. Its also said that this auction sells minis in very bad shape for under 100.00

So Cathy and I are going with an open mind to check things out. Will give you all an update tomarrow after the auction and let you guys know. We are taking a trailer just in case. Think good thoughts for us and the minis!

Good Luck Kay. Hope there aren't any meat buyers there. Also hope there are NO MINIS.

I will be looking to see what you find and hoping it's not as bad as you have heard.

Liz M.
Well shoot the weather just isnt cooperating. We have freezing rain here adn the auction is 1 hr 20 m ins from my farm. We still have aslight chance if it clears up soon but Im doubtful. Just dont want to take a trailer on icy roads
How did it go---did you manage to get up there for the auction? I am cringing as I ask...

no we did not get to go. the ice was worse the further you went so we just couldnt chance it. Good old illinois weather growls. They do hold this auction every month so I am now shooting for Feb. Also a friend pointed out there may be more horses in feb as thats when ppl start really getting antsy with foals coming to move other h orses out.

Will let you guys know in FEB

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