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Aww Pamela. I cannot imagine what this week has been like for you. Saying goodbye to our beloveds is never easy is it. I'm sure though, Wiz and Puddin are somewhere now, remember together, the lovely home they once shared.

Oh how very heartbreaking for you, I am so very sorry. But I sincerely applaud your bravery and strength of character in keeping to your 'date' for sweet Puddin' after losing your beloved Wiz. What a wonderful and caring owner you are, and I know they were both so lucky to have had you as their best friend.

By the way, I love that last picture of Puddin' - I see a happy and contented elderly lady, enjoying the freedom to have a good scratch while her caring Momma looks on in despair thinking 'oh no, not more bald patches'!

Go in peace and happiness Puddin', enjoy the fun, frolics and friends that await you, plus all that lush green grass.
Parmela...My heart goes out to you for yet another loss...I am so very sorry! {{{hugs}}}

RIP Puddin'
SO SORRY for your loss. You didnt need a 'reminder' - Puddin' did it for you and told you it was time. It is so obvious that you are such a kind and caring person who knows her horses inside and out and really 'reads' them. Knows all their likes and dislikes. Wish all the horses in the world knew such care! Hugs to you.
I am so sorry to hear of both your losses Parmela. I read about Wiz and after seeing this post about Puddin, I am at a loss for words. You did good by both of them and have given them the care and love they deserved.

So tough a week for you. You should take comfort in that you did the right thing. Wiz & Puddin are running and grazing together. Hugs to you as I know you have to be feeling a really great loss.

I think was something telling you it was time- and helped you make that decision. A very hard week for you, and hope you have a easy rest of year!
I always think of you as a person with a big heart, I know it's hurting bad after saying good-bye to Wiz and Puddin this week. They both knew they were loved, and you did the best for both of them. Hugs as you mourn the loss of two wonderful horsey friends.
What an incredibly tough week for you Parmela. ((( Hugs))) Rip Puddin. You are now in greener pastures where everything is just perfect!
So yesterday morning I got up early and made her a special breakfast of Buckeye Cadence (the feed she seemed to tolerate the most), chopped apples and agave. I went out to feed her and found she was choking again. I brushed her until the vet got there about 25 minutes later and then she was gone. I wish it hadn't happened like that. I wanted her to get her breakfast and have a full belly and be content instead of in distress.
Oh Parmela...I think these things happen for a reason. She took the decision out of your hands and saved you any second guessing- you KNEW it was time to let her go and that you truly were doing her a kindness. Now she can watch over Lily and perhaps be reunited with whoever was visiting her across the fields.

Goodbye, sweet Puddin!

I'm so sorry for the loss of your mare, but what a fantastic home she and Wizz had!! They are both lucky to have found you. HUGS to you.........you have been through a lot these past few days.


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