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runaway ranch

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Jun 4, 2004
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My Nigerian Pigmy, Nigel has always loved the horses. Of late, he has taken to jumping up and catching a ride on their backs or jumping from one to another.


Do any of you have goats like this??
Oh, Lisa, That is tooo funny!! Nope, can't say I've ever had goats take piggy back rides or I mean, horsie back rides!
YES! We had pygmies when we got our very first miniature horse. We would stack pallets for the goats to jump on. Whenever our filly (Mee Too) would walk by the pallets -- pop! On jumped a goat to her back. She didn't seem to mine, either. She'd give the goat a ride and the goat would hop off.

I have some horrible ancient photos of the whole scenario but would need to dig into our archives to find them!

Thanks for sharing!

When I had my big horses way back when- we had a pygmy he use to hop from one back to the hay feeders and on to another horses back and jump off on the cow at the end of the barn- drove them nuts- we had to lock him out of the barn when everyone was in for long periods of time- he would not get on anyones back in the pastures though- It was really funn though!
My goat doesn't do horsey back rides but she loves to pretend to head but them and then run off so they will chase her.
It's good to know that I'm not the only one with a crazy goat. My horses don't seem to mind him on their backs. Tonight, he was hopping from one horse to another. Really gave us all a laugh!!
That is just wayyy too funny!!! The horses probably enjoy it ...maybe it feels like a good back massage!
Well around here d_a_m_n goat wont stay with the horses heck no he thinks he is a dog or house pet or something
in fact tonite he got loose and was racing up and down the porch ....leaving a trail o turds I might add
trying to play with the dogs and kids........oh and that is his name for the record da_mn goat....he was dumped in our yard beginning of summer and has stayed on as a weed eater in my driveway........he refuses to stay in the pasture...will not be kept in a barn....and insists on either being tethered in front of the house (where we sit and hang out) or in a dog crate on the porch next to the other crates my dogs reside in when we are gone........I never wanted a goat.......apparently a goat wanted US....yep they are very weird creatures you are so not alone
Well I've never had that happen with my little ones but...I'll tell you what has happened to me with those sneaky pygmy goats. I was sitting on this wooden step at a petting farm(this is quite a few years ago) and my mum and a friend were standing right by me. I had one goat put his front feet on my back and nibble on my hair...while i was trying to get him off of my back another one JUMPED onto the TOP of my head and stayed there for about 10seconds(i froze as I didn't know what to do) and then he jumped off...It was really heavy and hurt my head/neck a bit. If that's not insane I don't know what was. My mum, friend and I all had a huge laugh about it!
Yep. My goats also used to jump on my llamas, who were mortally offended by being played on. Except for one llama....... he really loved the goats, and would give them "rides" on his back, being very careful they did not fall off!!

A friend had the same thing with goats and horses. She came out to find her pygmy sleeping on top of her horse. She about broke her neck trying to race in and find her camera, but by the time she found the camera the goat had jumped off. However she soon found out, that was simply where the goat slept! He did it every single day. She eventually got a picture. Reminded me of the "Bremen Town Musicians".
Oh Lisa,

That is so cute!!!

Nigel is quite the little acrobat! What good training for the horses - Hmmmm! Wonder what little Boss would think of that??

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