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WIld Oaks Farm

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Jan 28, 2005
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Hi everyone. I have a goat who needs a home ASAP. I am located in east Texas, about 45 minutes east of Dallas. The goat came to me because he had been used for goat-tying but got too big, so he was going to be eaten. Someone felt sorry for him and brought him here. Unfortunately for the goat he jumped on our new car and my husband saw him do it. We don't have goat fencing, he pretty much just hangs with the horses and donkey. So I don't really have a way to keep him off the cars. Well, I was gone for the week and came home to find the goat was not here anymore. My husband gave him to his Dad down the street. The goat was not used to being alone and escaped. He immediately ran to the cow pasture where he caused a stampede. Then he saw the horses and ran up to them. They had never seen a goat either and were running from him, in the rain, slipping all over the place. He was running to catch up with them, making it worse. I didn't realize any of this had happened until today when I went to my husband's cousin's house for a party and saw the goat in a horse trailer out front. I was LIVID. He was going to give the goat to someone to eat without telling me! Anyway, he is coming home tomorrow but I really need to find him a home before my husband divorces me. The goat is shy around people as he has been manhandled quite a bit. He really needs a good home. If interested you can email me at [email protected].
Oh, that poor little goat!!

If I were closer, I would take him.

Have you thought about tying him out?? Goats can do well being tied out. Some friends of ours always kept their goats tied and just kept moving them around to eat. They used a cement block, I sort of felt sorry for the goats but they seemed happy and content and certainly looked very well taken care of.

Good luck finding a good home for your goat.
I'd just tie him too, until he finds a home. I know a few people who tie them out and just keep moving them around, they do seem quite happy. I"m glad you saved him from being eaten, lucky little guy!
Did you try posting this on the "sale" board? I'm sure there must be someone out there near your area that can give this poor little guy a new home. He is already such a lucky little fellow to have you for saving his life! Good Luck. Corinne
I will try that, thank you! LOL, I guess he'll have to let me catch him to tie him!

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