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Dec 2, 2002
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Hi all,

Please bare with me while I just post some thoughts about things that have happened since we started this rescue.... These are my personal thoughts, and I am only sharing them so that others can try to understand what we mean to the world.

CHMR members have worked VERY hard so far. We are getting word out that we exist, we have done mountains of paperwork, and are trying to get some fundraisers going. For this, EACH and EVERY MEMBER of CMHR deserves a huge pat on the back.

We have a huge way to go as we need more sponsors, but unfortunately we are at the mercy of governmental red tape on the 501c filings. Until this is done, some of the bigger companies and grants can't be applied for.

Now on some deeper thoughts...

When we started CMHR, it was with the intent that we were going to help the horses in need. We were going to find great homes for the needy miniatures. Well... I would like to think we are doing so.... but....

The last couple of weeks are taking there toll on the BOD. Things have been very bad. When I look at the number of horses that CMHR has PAID MONEY on to help, I see much heart-ache. Out of those that we have rescued, Chance, Teddy, Mona Lisa have all past to the Rainbow Bridge. That leaves us with only Ginger. (Mona Lisa's foal was not aided by CMHR. She was personally purchased by Cathy so that she would not be left behind.)

So what this is showing is that out of 4 horses that we have spent money on, only one has been adopted out. This is VERY heart wrenching and it worries us greatly that what we are seeing are horses so bad that they can't be helped.

And well, of course when we find a horse that needs help, we have no way of telling how bad off the situation is until a vet exam. So here we are, emotionally drained, and not having horses to adopt out.

And this doesn't include the members who personally involve themselves with helping others make tough decisions and giving aid in the form of emotional support so that they know they are doing what is right.

But... I also want everyone to see the good that we have done so that you all can feel that it might balance out in the future.

There is a person who has drawn on CMHR and the forum for strength to help get a horse out of a bad situation. If you read the posts, you can tell that she has lost much to do so. But I also know that she is very greatful to have found us and that we inspire her to do what is right even at the cost of loosing contact with family.

And there is another who has found strength from us and is greatful that were are here to help.

It is these little things that keeps us going... It is the prayers and positive thinking from the members that allow us to function even when the cause seems hopeless. It is knowing that we saved just one horse from suffering, even if it was not a happy ending.

So when I look back and reflect on what we have done since April, I realize ALL OF US are making a difference. With the continued support, we will make even bigger differences in the future!

So I just want to thank you all for understanding and your well wishes for success and the prayers. It really means a lot to the CMHR members that are with these horses in their times of need....

Ok...enough of my pity party.... Time to go back to helping more.
Shame on you for thinking you are asking for a pity party. What I did was hard but you have to do it on a daily basis. What I have found out - due to your support - is that I am not alone. You all made me see that. I've donated time and money before but I've never really DONE anything and I've turned my back before and there is a lot of shame in that. BUT, if other people can sacrifice as much as you and all the other BOD's & members on this board and other boards then I can do the same. I'm sorry it's taken me so long.

You are never alone. When you cry, we cry with you. You are much appreciated and yes, 3 of your rescue's have passed on but they passed on being loved and they will always be remembered. Being loved by you rescuer's, whether for a minute or a century, is the best gift of all. Of course we would rather have the physical body here but another senseless death due to cruelty is what will keep all of us going.

May you all find comfort tonight and always that you are good people. (((((HUGS)))) to everyone.
Okay Im trying not to cry again. Nila what a great post and four I am so happy you are with us now and that we could help support you for your journey to help minis. When we first started CMHR I had a lot of people say "do you think we really need a rescue?" To which I said YES! I think the last few weeks have really opened a lot of eyes and for that I am greatful. The ones that need help just seem to find us. It was no accident that Cathy and I stopped by that farm that day. We were led to Mona and Lil Bit.
It's funny Nila, I was just thinking about this very thing. I don't know if anyone onvolved in the birth of CMHR knew just how heart wrenching many of these cases would be. I have been so moved by the horses that have passed through and gone on over the bridge. But as it's been said, they went knowing they were loved in the end....and even with Chief he was always loved and sometimes loving an animal means making very difficult choices on their be-half.

I for one, even as a tiny part of CMHR am SO proud to be a part of it and I have so much admiration and respect for those members who are engrossed with it on a daily basis. I hope you do know how much it means to so many people and horses that we even exist.

Many, Many hugs you guys. Just think of the reception of thundering little hooves coming to greet you and thank you when you take your own journey accross the bridge. Not to be morbid, it just gave me a really pretty visual of Chance, and Teddy, and Mona Lisa, and Chief and the many others who will follow, running to greet their supporters in a beautiful, happy, pain free herd- all running and bucking and playing, all acting as the welcoming committee upon our arivals. Gosh, I hope that made sense.

Anyway. As has been said. You are not alone.
I really love that Chances Rescue is here.

It seems hard, but I think the biggest part of the problem seems to be that not enough people know you're here.

And what you can do to help.

I know when I got Jack back from his awful home where he was starved and neglected, I felt like I had a great ally here and in kaykay especially.

Thank you for being here and I hope none of my horses ever needs your services, but if I find any that do, I will be calling on you for help.

I don't have a lot to offer right now, but I might be able to in a pinch, provide transportation or temporary housing, or food, etc.

Keep the faith, better things have to be in store.

Liz M.
Thanks all,

This post was I think in a way theorapy for me concerning what has happened lately. I found that as I was typing the others that this one came out with it. Yes, it is very hard. And you are right that not enough people know about us. But with that fame seems to comes more heart ache. One feeds the other.

And it was noted that we all knew it would be hard to help, but I think that many of us were surprised just how rough it could be. This single statement sums up the way that I felt the last couple of weeks.

But as I was writing these posts, I came to realize that we had offered much more than what any of us would have thought. Through our efforts to save a few from suffering we have given hope. Others have seen and know that they can make a difference. After all, this started with one horse and one person's dream to help him and others like him.

And even though we are still in our infancy, I know that we have saved horses just by being a lighthouse in a storm... Just thinking of all that we have offered so far seems to ease that pain some.

The biggest thing that we have offered is Hope. Hope is a wonderful thing. Hope that the future will be better for so many. Hope that people have a place to turn to when they are in need for information. Hope that others will follow the path we are making and make a difference to just one horse... and Hope that we will be able to make a difference earlier before the horse is in such horrid shape.

And we are getting asked for help in educating others. My farrier knows that I am doing this, and well he wants pictures and xrays of what happens when feet are not taken care of so he can use them in clinics that he will be giving to new horse owners.

I can see so much good because of what we are doing. I could also see the pain and I knew that others were crying just as I have done. I felt the need to share with others that once again they are not alone in their sadness and that the sadness has produced more than just tears... We always have Hope.

Thank you all for listening.

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