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Feb 3, 2004
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Can someone explain to me what the Gelding Incentive is and how it works? What are the rules? Can any gelding participate?

I know nothing, so details would be wonderful. Thanks!



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Nov 30, 2002
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Here is an explanation taken directly from the NWMHC site:

"Through your contributions and a portion of each entry fee for a Gelding class at our five AMHA-approved shows, monies are awarded each year on the basis of points earned by the horse shown in any class designated with the word "Gelding." It is the same point system as used to determine our High Point Horses.

The horse must be owned or leased by a NWMHC member and since it was begun as a Northwest-bred Gelding Fund, a gelding who was not bred in the Northwest receives one-half the number of points as the Northwest-bred horse (this is for the Gelding Incentive ONLY—does not apply to Year-End, etc.).

To arrive at the payback, the total number of monies collected are divided by the total number of points earned by ALL the geldings who participated for the dollar amount to be paid out per point. For example, if we raise $10,000.00 and the total points earned by all the geldings amounts to 2,000, each point would be worth $5.00. It is not unusual for a really good gelding to receive in excess of $500.00 at the Banquet."

Hope this helps!

The club website is at www.nwmhc.com for future reference.

I got over $50 back last year for showing my gelding in a few limited classes and he did not even get that high of placings.

Liz M.

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