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Nov 30, 2002
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As you know BB and Peanut are in their new homes in Bama and that makes me soooo happy.

But I do miss those little guys.

I know this sounds stupid, but I keep forgetting they are gone and find myself dipping out their ration of feed and walking towards their little field on the hill.

I get part way there and go "oh, they're gone" .......

The field is closed down now. Has been since the day they left.

I'll be cleaning it up this weekend. They had it pretty much down to dirt.

But I am going to leave that hut up that I built for them.

You never know when another horse from the south is going to need a foster home.
Awwwww... don't worry Marty, I'm sure that little patch of heaven will be a refuge again someday. I'd say soon, but I never 'hope' for that type of thing. You know what I mean. It's such a blessing that people like you will give your hearts and resources to a deserving little mini, but such a cryin' shame that it's necessary at all.

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