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Sunflowers opening.
I hate going out in the morning and discovering the damage the deer do. I put some more pinwheels in the pots, hoping this will deter them. They seem to work. The plants the deer seem to like best are my begonias.
That "path" is actually where the french drain is. We had to install those on the mountain side of the house. The grass dries up quickly there.


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A difficulty of living in a pasture is defining the wild area and the tame area. In lieu of fencing, a buffer area works best. This side gets mowed, that side is "managed". The sunflowers form part of the buffer area.
There is an area 40 minutes from me that sunflowers grow along the road with the minimum rain we get. I want to pick up the seeds and bring them back home. I would love to have them in my yard. I never seem to time it right to collect the seeds.
A cactus in the wheelbarrow is beginning to bloom. The varmints keep digging things up and eating off the bloom ends of the succulents.
Found this fun metal leaf at the thrift store yesterday. I think it will be nice for bees and lizards to drink.


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Lots of damage. I'm still pruning and figuring out what can be saved. But most things are recovering well.
I am a member of Vintage Garden group on FB and it is getting me into lots of trouble! I keeping dragging things out of my stash and figuring out how to get them into the garden! This week I found this cool rock pedestal. A cactus looks perfect in it.


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