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Bess Kelly

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Aug 24, 2003
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For anyone interested/considering this fodder thing...

Received an email from Farm Tek about a $100 all day experience touring their facility and seeing a hands on, etc., etc. OK, I'm not going to IA for this BUT, looking further down the page I see that they offer a 1/2 hr web seminar on 7/25 @ 3: and from home. Yes, my kind of seminar.

Joanne brought up the fodder thread a few days back and several of us felt we would like to know more. I'm advising anyone that wants to see info, you can go to Farm Tek and register for this info.

Hey, it is a little work intensive but, after checking out various sites, it could be something that would work for some -- who knows! If we also can cut costs on some of the concentrates, it might work.

Some smaller systems can be had for $1500 +/- and while that is for approx 6 biggies, we all know that about 7-10 minis could be fed per biggie. Since this is also a supplemental feed, quantities could be adjusted as any of us wanted. I bet some DIYrs will come up with a system that works.

My biggest concern is/would be........mold, chemicals. Control those and you're good.

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