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Nov 30, 2002
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To your left
and husband Robert and son Christopher (not necessarily in that order...)

What a wonderful time!

As close as we live (45 minutes away), Shari and I had yet to meet in person. Finally we set a firm date and this time our schedules and the weather cooperated. After a beautiful drive along the Columbia River, I turned up a road that would up through the woods onto the top of the bluffs that overlook the river, wooded foothills, and the Cascade Mountains. Beautiful pastures alternated with deep woods, making a very picturesque scene. Per Shari's directions, I turned up a wide gravel road and after a few more turns, came upon a place that fit her description...and when I saw a gorgeous Fjord mare, I knew I'd come to the right place!

Shari's place is a horselover's (and gardener's) dream, with wide, open fields, horse shelters right up close to the house, and with woods and stream to hike and explore. Their beautiful new house looks out over the pasture and woods to a view of other hilltops and trees and vegetation as is classic Northwest.

It was a delight to meet Shari in person -- she is smart, funny and refreshingly honest, just as you would expect from her posts. Robert and Christopher are wonderful and friendly, and quite welcoming of a stranger invading their Sunday morning.

First off the bat, we went out to meet Dustinea (sp) pretty as her pictures are, this girl is more beautiful in real life. Although she just arrived, she is obviously enjoying her new home, and is a sweet and very friendly girl. She is still in a separate area until she settles in, so then we went to meet the others.

First up was little Theia, adorable and inquisitive...once again, a very happy little girl who has so obviously never lacked for any attention! Next was Shari's mini donkey, Ella, still a baby, yet very self-assured and secure in the knowledge that she is the center of the universe! She is truly a beautiful donkey, with a tiny head and gorgeous red dun coat. She told me that it was nice for me to drive all that way just to visit her, and never left our sides.

At this point, Dyfra had to see what all the commotion was about, and came up for introductions. I knew I'd love Dyfra before I had even met her, and nothing changed with reality. She is a pocket pony, all 12.5 (?) of her, extremely sweet, and ever willing to submit to wither scratches (more, please...)

Finally, I got to meet Maggie, who I already felt like I knew from Shari's stories. Maggie's nose was a bit out of joint over the new mare, and she was determined at first to snub us. Her curiosity eventually got the best of her, and she was as sweet and devoted to Shari as I knew she would be.

Shari and I then went in out of the heat and had a fantastic visit, as we have so many things in common. I hope I didn't overstay, but I couldn't pull myself away. We discussed animals and gardens and families and just had a great time! Finally, however, thoughts of work to be done at home (and the fact that I had left Keith to do it all...) worked their way back into my mind, and I figured Shari, Robert and Christopher might like a bit of their remaining weekend to themselves.

Next,Shari needs to come meet our boys, and we need to explore the many back roads and logging roads available for driving. You can bet that we won't wait so long for our next visit...
So, did you take a camera????

It sounds wonderful!

Uh oh...I knew I was gonna be in trouble...

Oh well, this is an excuse for another visit!
Again, Not fair Susanne!

Well Shari, now you will definately have to come visit our little town of Scappoose. Let's see you could meet...

Susanne, Keith, Mingus, Thelonius, and Flash.

Daryl, Lolly, Suzie-Q, Morgan, and Wyatt Earp.

Me, Chip, and Tango.

Marie (Shortpig), Jimmy Dolittle, Jasmine, Ariel, Duckie, and Koda.

Crystal, Stormy, and Ginger.

Barbara and Rosa.

Helen, Squaw, Bri, Lady, Queen, Savanna, Colors, Misty, Jeffy, and KP.

Mary, Moose, and her 4-5 other horses whom I don't know very well (lol).

WOW, your gonna need an entire day to make that visit, LOL!

Hope to meet you one day soon. Erin
See Susanne you are sooooo much better at writting than I am!!

Susanne is very sweet to put up with my little pests....

Was a lot of fun having you over for a visit! And my little pests would of loved for you to stay out there all day, just to itch them!

Yes, I totally forgot to take pictures
can you just see me blushing and turning all red??? Bad me.


Yes, we will all have to get together sometime to visit,, seems like their are lots of wonderful mini horse people not to far away.

At some point Hubby will be putting in cart trails for me, place is big enough that I would not mind other's coming over to go carting!!

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