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Feb 3, 2004
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I don't know the name of the company, the the feed is called, 100 Calories. It is a white powder substance that is basically just fat/calories. It smells so good that I wanted to eat it! I just thought I'd post this here as most of you rescue horses, alot of which are underweight. You feed a half a scoop to minis once a day to start. After their system is used to it, you can increase it. Boy does this really put the weight back on their bones. You'll really be surprised!

Hey Could you get a company name for me! I have a TN walker mare that I have been tring to get weight on! I will try anything at this point!!

I'd like try some too. For my horses of course, not me!!

Got a mare with a foal by her side and he's too young to wean and she is skin and bones. Nothing I try to feed her helps...

Ginny StP
YES!!! I'm in the same boat as Ginny and I NEED something to help my poor Star. Please help us with a company name and a web site if possible.

Okay I will talk to my friend and find out who makes it. I'll post within the next few days.
I would like to know too, I have a gaited saddlebred that I would like to put some weight on, and I have tried everything as far as weight builders go. Corinne
Sorry to report that my friend doesn't remember the name of the company and I couldn't find it anywhere.
Next time your at your tack/feed store ask about it. I would think you could find it somewhere. I will keep looking around here at the feed and tack shops and I will let you know if I come up with anything. Sorry!

A good thing that my sister has found to put weight on is bread. A friend of ours feeds nothing but bread to all her horses ranging from minis to big draft horses. They checked with the University of Florida and the vets there said it is OK to feed as the sole ration. It really does help put weight on them. My sister feeds her guys feed in the morning and bread in the evening.

The cheap way to do it is to go to a discount bread store, down here it's merita, and ask them if they will give you a discount for a large quantity. They pay $20 for a big trailer load full each week. Most of the bread is outdated by a day or 2.
What about Purina Hi Fat/ Hi Fibre pellets?

My vet highly recomends it to put the weight on.
i dont like the bread idea at all sorry!

Ginny i have two mares here that always do that! calf manna or weight builder does help. but they do seem to gain their weight back as soon as the foal is weaned. I try to keep those mares a little heavier before they foal knowing that the foal will suck it right off
Something that I have always done for underweight horses is I add fresh goat milk in there grain.
There are several different prilled fat products like this. They are 100% fat calories, but in a more palatable form than liquid oil.

Performance Pak 100

Cool Calories 100

They are pretty much equal to each other, just made by different companies.

Robin C
COOL CALORIES 100! That's what I was talking about! My friend had rescued a Kiger Mustang gelding who was underweight. She feed him unlimited hay, 1/4 of a coffee can of grain twice a day, and a scoop of Cool Calories 100 twice a day. Within one month he looked so much different, still underweight but so much better! By the end of month three he actually looked normal and healthy. Don't know if it will work for you (sure hope so though!), but it did for us!


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