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Nov 30, 2002
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[SIZE=8pt]It is with great saddness and heartbreak that I have had to post my Angel poem for such a very dear friend......[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]I am your little Angel foal[/SIZE]

the one you did not get to know

even though the seed was planted well

I simply just could not thrive and grow

This was just no fault of yours at all

I know you did what you could

but sometimes we all are not meant to be

even when we did what we should

I tried at first to meet you

but then I heard a call that was just for me

Then I was surrounded by many angels

and that is how it was to be

I became so very quiet and still

and it was a lovely moment of peace

things became so wonderful and bright

as your worldy sounds began to cease

I was not to be born here with you

I was destined to not to be part of your earth

I was chosen to be very special

instead I had a heavenly birth

Do not cry or despair for me

all flowers just can't bloom

be quiet as I am in comfort now

and heal your heartache soon

I am a happy healthy foal now

I have wings on my shoulders that can soar

do not overly grieve for me

as I am in heaven forever more
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Thats beautiful Marty...made me tear sweet of you...

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