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Nov 30, 2002
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Oklahoma City, OK
Paradigm foaled Sunday night at 8:50 p.m. A little bay colt with stockings. Text book delivery...the fun didn't start till about 30 minutes later. Frank was holding Paradigm while I washed her udder when in the barn comes Kitty with a rat in her mouth. A LIVE RAT! And what does Kitty do? Comes to the stall where we are and turns it loose! Smart RAT jumps in the stall with us and proceeds to scurry around under the hay where Charlotte is sitting! Paradigm apparently doesn't 'do' rats. She's stomping and pawing, Charlotte is scrambling around trying to get away from RAT while trying to pick up baby before Paradigm breaks him (or Charlotte) Frank is trying to get Paradigm away from Charlotte and baby and stomp RAT at the same time.

Life on the funny farm.

Congrats on the foal! Are you on Mare Stare? I'll bet that would have been quite a show. And I just learned on the Photo forum how to take still photos from MareStare in case that happens again or to someone else. NOT ME I HOPE.
Man, foaling seems to have all sorts if issues, some you never even think of. LOL Glad all four of you are ok, don't really care about the RAT LOL
EEEEEEKK!!! And the cat sat there and watched the fun!

Kitty was just bringing you a gift.

Congrats on the new colt! And thanks for the laugh!

(sorry but it was funny picturing it)
[SIZE=14pt]OMG! Charlotte!
That's too funny!
I can just see you and Frank in that stall trying to stomp that rat!
Congratulations on the new baby! How's about naming the little guy Reflections Willard
I bet that would have been a site to behold

Made me think of last year -- one of my mares had a colt and he was less than a week old -- we had a new calico barn kitten that had needed a home and so I was out in the pen and the kitten was drinking from the horses water bucket which was fine but then she jumped onto the foals back and mom went bezerk... She rushed towards the colt and I thought she was going to plow him over -- thankfully she put on the breaks before she did.. But she grabbed that kitten with her teeth and threw it off him and proceeded to chase it around the pen stomping at it well of course the kitten was trying to climb on everything in its way so I was trying to keep the foal safe and trying not to get climbed up by the kitten -- thankfully after about 3 minutes the kitten figured out if it left the pen it was safe.. haha... Awe the joys of living on a farm
Too funny Charlotte! Sounds like my cats - had one drop a live mouse (thank goodness not a rat) in bed with me one night!! The other night something moved and I had the blankets half-way across the bedroom sure it was another mouse - LOL!!!!

Life with animals - good and funny times.
Kitty was just bringing mom a baby shower present, so glad everything went well and you have a nice baby.
Thanks for the laugh. I could use one right now. I am so exhusted!! Foal watch by ones self is hard!! 3 nights of almost no sleep.

I am not sure that I would not have jumped out of the stall myself.(tired as I am I would have scaled the stall walls faster than a cat.)
I am not fond of mice and will yelp when I find one in a grain bag or dog food bag, but a rat UGH!!!!!!!!!!!
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