Foaling Kits, what will be in your foaling kits come foaling season?

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stump dipping solution


Dental Floss (for tying off umbilical cord)

vet wrap

wormer for mum (ivermectin)

foal blanket

liquid soap


milk bottle and 60cc syringe

plastic gloves

baby wipes

clean plastic bag (incase placenta needs sending off)
Oh gosh yes, LUBE is soooo important, how did I forget! Doh
For the syringe
Pull it apart so you have 2 pieces
Cut the end off (part that you would attach the needle to)
Then put it back together in the end you have just cut.
It is now ready to draw milk.
I used this method last year to milk Britt and it worked perfectly.

'"foal with no sucking reflex"'.
What size syringe would you recommend?
60cc I've had to use it twice now and it works great.

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