Foal with slite underbite, will or could this

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Nov 2, 2003
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A freind of mine has this cute litte filly but she has a slight underbite, she is two months old. She asked me if this would change I said it might but was not to sure.

Anyone know??
[SIZE=14pt]Yes it could be that more teeth are coming in and her jaw hasnt caught up. Unders fix easier than overs.[/SIZE]

Most definitely can change....foals do go thru growth spurts & they can go from over...back & forth until they straighten up. But...nothing is guaranteed. If she was born with an off bite.....chances are, it will always be off.

Do both the parents have good bites?

Also....if you have a foal with an off-bite that doesn't seem to be getting better...get them checked by a good Miniature Equine Dentist. They can form hooks on their molars that will prevent the jaw from moving forward & will "create" an off-bite. If nothing is done (hooks removed) so the jaw can return to it's proper can result in permanent damage.

Yes the underbite can be fixed. Liberty, my yearling, was seen again by her equine dentist who said Liberty has a slight underbite so she had to remove hooks so her teeth could align correctly.

She will return in 6 months to inspect her bite again. Liberty was not born with the underbite and did not develope it until sometime between 7 months old and 15 months old. So I was so glad I had scheduled the dentist to come out for routine check up. Liberty is a pet for me but I still want her to have a correct bite to avoid any eating disorders.