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May 5, 2007
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Our little colt was coughing up what looked like poopy snot. It was coming out his nose and mouth. He is still running and playing. We have been wiping it and getting him to drink. I called the vet and waiting for a response. Any thoughts? Ugh!!!
Have you seen him eating manure? Maybe its like Choke?? Hoping for the best Lea!

How is your foal? This sounds like the classic choke from eating mom's poop. If it hasn't resolved you need to get a vet out ASAP as it will be life threatening. If it has resolved on it's own pay attention to his breathing for a while...if he sounds gurggly (sp?) or coughs then he may have inhaled some of that and can develop pneumonia. Again you will need a vet.

Sometimes you can massage the throat, gently, downward and relieve a choke, but usually if stuff is coming out the nostrils it is beyond what a layman can do and a vet is needed.

Good luck with your baby.

I had this exact thing happen to me last year with one of my colts, and I had no vet to call, so I was even more panic-stricken because of that. My colt was OK, and it became unblocked...not sure if on it's own or from something I did, but I just tried kind of hanging him upside down, also massaged the throat right from the head on down the neck. I could not feel the blockage, but jhoped that my pushing around on the pipe, maybe I could somehow change the cshape of the poop and get it to pass. I also put some water in his mouth from time o time, hoping that might also help break it up. Not alot, and I never forced it in with a syring or anything, just cupped it with my hand. I was so scared, but thankfully, in the end he was OK! It went on for at least an hour.

Good Luck with your colt! I know how scary it is!
That is exactly what we just did. I have poop yack all over me!! The vet cant make it out right now. He seems fine now. He is luv bug. All he wanted to do was kiss me with his poopy mouth. Now I am just watching waiting for the ve.t

We did catch him in time. It was happening while we were right thier. It was like slow motion!!! He was in the stall with mom. I guess he was craving poo!! I know it hold a certian nutritional value but come on!!!

I hope all is well.
We had a week old colt do this as well a few years back and the vet did say it was choke and it was mommas poo. We were able to get it taken care of but it can damage the esophogous (sp) and once they choke, they are very prone to do it again so keep a close watch. Our did do it a few more times by the time he was weaned but they were all minor episodes. The only reason I knew was because he had "guck" coming out his nose and had a minor cough. Prayers that your foal is okay.
Geez! I'm glad I'm not the only one with a crazy baby! I thought I was going crazy trying to keep mine from eating poop! Guess its normal.

I'm glad you're little guy is doing okay. Pretty scary!

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