Fitting Tack for an Oversize Mini

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Dec 23, 2003
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Wimauma, Florida
My little colt will be 2 yrs on 4/01/2005, and he measures about 36-37 inches already.

His halter is getting very snug. When I look at tack stores they have one size halter for the little ones called "miniature" horse size.

A=34" and under

B=34" up to 38" (right?)

So what is the size in-between?

Tack stores consider 14.2hh and under a Pony!

What size halter would I need to look for?

(probably B-size for now, but then what?)

I have 3 minis that are to stocky for even the B sized miniature horse halters. I buy the colt sized halters at our local feed store (TSC). I think they are for horses from 300 - 500 lbs and they fit pretty well.

Terri Tyler
I find so many of the pony halters are 1" wide, which is just too heavy for even a 38" mini. We've got a couple minis in the 36.5-38" range...I found a tack place in eastern Canada that sells Mini halter in extra large, & they are a perfect fit for the bigger B's. They're only 1/2" wide, too, so aren't at all heavy or bulky.

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