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Jul 11, 2005
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Green Springs Ohio
Okay first show at the fair is in about 16 days. But i only have 14 to prepare since we have to be over there on the 22'ed. And it would be hard to train properly w/ a billion ppl around. So here are some last minute questions (im going to get them out all right here before i start a billion threads).

1) When do you guys usually get there hooves trimmed before the show. I was thinking about getting them done on the 20/21'st and just keeping him out of contrete areas.

2) He has this little mohawk going on in the front from where the ppl cut the mane of that hangs in his head ...should i cut it off is a pic of it. Really bothers me!


3) What normally would you wear to show in halter at the fair. I dont think you would really dress like you would for a AMHA show ...i was thinking black pants and a western shirt. Or jeans and t-shirt ..not to sure.

4) Bathe the night before show ..or that morning. My show is at 8am in the morning!
which would be the earlies i've gotten up since i've been out of school usually.

Anything else that you can tell me would help soooo much!. Win or Loose still showing (cant get the money back anyways after noon today
). I just want to show that a horse doenst have to have papers saying 'im a good horse' or famous parents with ribbons and trouphies in a showcase to win a show!
1) I wouldn't trim his feet that close to a show. There's really no reason to, there's every chance he might become sore, and it's one more thing that's different to bother him that weekend. Do it earlier that week or even the week before assuming that's in line with his usual trimming schedule. Also, it's hard to avoid concrete on show grounds.

2) Do you mean his forelock? If you're trying to grow it out, I'd say just gel it down as best you can and ignore it. You've got to get through that mohawk stage to get some growth again! LOL.

3) Black pants and a western shirt...or anything that isn't a t-shirt! Fairs may be less formal than AMHA, but there are still certain expectations. You are showing both you and your horse- you need to look clean and well-dressed.

4) Bathe the night before. Look up Susanne's post about the last time she showed Mingus...the horror stories that appeared there about bathing horses the day of a show are legion!
It upsets them, rattles them, and makes most of them cranky. Far better to do it the night before. I know Co has a lot of white, so put a sheet on him to keep him clean. And buy a bottle of Cowboy Magic green stain remover so you can clean up his legs in the morning!
That stuff is great.

As for other advice, I'd mainly say pack everything early and remember not to stress your horse. He doesn't know what's going on or what's expected of him, and it sounds like he hasn't been around crowds before. Don't get mad at him for being what he is- young, green, and scared! Reassure him and praise him and he will calm down much faster. When you are there take him out long before your class and work on a lot of basic exercises he knows very well to get his mind back on you. Let him graze and relax so he isn't hurried and upset when you go in the ring. If you run late, that's your fault not his! When we show it's our job to protect our horses from the stress as much as possible.

And it would be hard to train properly w/ a billion ppl around.
Actually, that's exactly what you need to do. Since he'll have to perform in front of a kajillion people, he'd better get used to it when you have time and leisure to work him through it! Learning to ignore distractions is an important part of any horse's education.

Good luck, and I'm sure you'll do great.


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