First 2008 foal at Beal's Barnyard

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Apr 11, 2005
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Hello All,

We had our first 2008 foal and first Appy born on April 2nd, It's a COLT!! and what a beautiful boy he is!! Not sure what color he will end up, I assume black his full sister from last year is black but his sire is a dark steel grey so I am hoping he will turn that color. I'm filling out his papers but am not at all sure how to describe is markings, would you call this a blanket even though the white does not cross over the top of his rump? appy experts how would you list his makings on paperwork? Because of his white rump spots that look like two white butt cheeks I would like to introduce "Beal's Barnyard Shoot The Moon" AKA Shooter. I own both mare and stallion so will be doing this cross again this year!

Sire: S Starr Seven Katabout (pintaloosa)

Dam: BRM Shenandoah Mikala
He is beautiful! lucky you. We are still waiting for our 2 foals....
oooooooo!!! CONGRATS~!
Very handsome boy and his color/pattern is going to look soo neat as he matures!!
I would definitely consider him a blanket
Congratulations on your beautiful new colt! And, yes, I would call his pattern a 'blanket.'

Pam C.
He is very handsome, love his markings, parents are really pretty to. CONGRATS!
Thank you all, I think he's pretty special
It's hard for me to get anything done, just want to sit and watch him play. I will be keeping and geldings him, he will make an awesome driving horse. Can't wait to clip this summer to see what else is hiding under all that fuzz.
He definitely has a blanket - but, right now, it looks more like saddle bags.
Adorable little one ya got there!
Awwww....... he is absolutely the cutest
I love his butt markings......very cool looking! His name is perfect

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