Finally got my colt shaved

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Jan 19, 2006
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Ontario Canada
Well decided it was time to shave this little guy down..

He is for sure minimal pinto but might have to test him for homozygous tobiano

He was a sweet heart to shave his ears, face and legs Hurrah a first...

Now no excuse must get his registered papers done...

How is everyone else doing registering their foals?

Just Before Midnight Sept 2012 AA.jpg

Just Before Midnight Sept 2012 BB.jpg

Just Before Midnight Sept 2012 DD.jpg
What a cutie!!! I especially like that first picture of him
What a beautiful colt!! I'll have a girlfriend for him in a few weeks after she is weaned!!! LOL
that is my favorite too Jill

thanks for the complement Kay56649

Always nice to see what is under their baby coat..
Very cute guy. So far, I've taken most of my pictures for registration and that's as far as I've gotten. Not sure what I'm waiting on.
He is stunning !! I finally sent in papers for my 4 mo. old filly.
I usually get them out within their first month but as you have waited much longer this year.

and when the weather gets so cold in this area, usually do not clip but this year weather has

been so wonderful.

Will be sent in this week, have a gelding that needs to go permanent so need to get his pics done also. Not sure why I wait till the end of summer this year.. but at least getting done.
Oh my God, he is the definition of "cute!" So freakin' adorable, I just want to squeeze him.


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