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Nov 30, 2002
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So I took 2 temps today, one was 98.4, the other was 99.2.......................I would guess we are going to be having puppies sometime in the next 24 hours, wouldn't you?
Keep us informed
Yeah major fluctuations in temperature...............it went back around 100, so still waiting.
Sounds like she is getting close, but it still could be a couple of days -- I wouldn't let her out without being in attendance - some bitches want to go and hide to have their puppies -- especially at night - be sure to take her out on a leash if you don't have a completely fenced yard.

Is she digging & panting yet - that is usually a sign that they are in prelabor. There are several people here on the forum that can help if you are concerned - I will be home this evening, so if need be don't hesitate to call and if I don't have any useful advise I can give you some other phone numbers. My home # is (425) 788-5184

I tend not to rely on the temp. thing. I just look for the tell-tale panting, digging etc. of labour. It's usually, for my big girl, at least 8 hours of that before a pup emerges -poor girl-. Can't wait to see the little ones. My girl Callie, the Berner, is due at the end of May.
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Please know not all dogs will dig or pant or even look uncomfortable. My dog breeder friends all told me to look for that I watched our dog for a couple of days and she was eating dinner chowing down in fact and then went to lay on the couch so I thought all was fine. Took a shower came out 10 mintues later and she was having a puppy never once before or thru the whole labor did she pant or dig just sat there and out they came
so if you know her due date is near don't take your eyes off of her.
She was fooling us..................Temp Checks yesterday were close to 100 if not just over all day.................this morning it was 99.5, so she is all over the place.

She LOVES to pant just to annoy us (this is all the time not just recently) so it is hard for us to use that as a way of guaging labor.

We will for sure be watching, she is clingy anyways and wants us there all the time.............thanks Stacey for your number, it might be needed if we have issues. She is at 61 days today..........so it has to be sometime.

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