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Feb 19, 2004
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I just resently purchased a 8 year old and a 20 year old minature donkey. My question is how much do I feed them. Does the 20 year require more grain. I'm presently feeding each about a 1/8 cup of Omolene 100, I top dress with their minerals. In the morning they're out on pasture for 3 hours, in the pm I give them a flake of bermuda hay. Thanks in advance for any advice.
I don't have access to pasture but my 6 yr old jack, 33" tall, gets 2 cups of Nutrena Compete and 1 1/2#s of good grass 2x a day. He holds a nice weight and doesn't have any of those fat deposits donkeys tend to get. My friends have several mini donkeys that do get pasture time and they get 1 cup of rolled oats am & pm. They all look pretty good.

I don't know how helpful that is......
Thanks for the feeding suggestions, I have been giving a small amount of sweet grain, but if rolled oats is all they need, then I can give that instead. I had heard they really didn't require any grain, I just feel bad when I feed the mini horses, and leave out the donkeys, so they get a little too. And I just love to hear them "bray"...(saying)...."don't forget about me"
The people I bought Kilroy from, the guy insisted on giving all his donks a cup of sweet feed every day. He just felt they deserved it. All theirs looked really good. Well taken care of.

I was feeding Kilroy barley and fescue. He was doing fine on it. But when I switched to Timothy and Compete, his coat got softer and he really started shining. I think the extra vitamins and minerals in the complete food helped a lot.

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