Faith's cat has been missing since Tuesday night..

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Jan 16, 2006
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NW PA/ Ohio Border
Hi everyone, I have been worried sick about Faith's cat Twister. If you remember he is the one that I brought in from being a outside barn kitty when his brother got killed on the road in Jan. For spending most of his life outside, Twister is a awesome inside kitty. I have grown so attached to him.. Well we had some nice weather this week. And he really never liked to use the litter box in the house. He would go to the door and meow. I'd let him out and he would go do his business and come right back. Well we were outside Tuesday night enjoying the weather, and Twister wanted out with us. The whole entire time i was walking, grooming and stall cleaning the mini's he sat right there and watched.(He loves to just sit and watch me. He sits and just watches me do my hair and makeup in the morning) Well when we went to come in, i asked him to come in with me and he meowed(like he does when he has to do his business) So I came in, got the kids ready for bed and it dawned on me Twister wasn't back. That was the last time we have seen him. I had an appt to get him "fixed" the day after my little hay accident, so I had to canceal it. Hubby seems to think he caught a whif of a female cat. If that is the case, how long to females stay in heat? He has never been gone this long. Like I said, he would go out and come back in within 15 min.. He was always very vocal too. If I didn't see him when I called him, he would just "yell" back at me as if to say, give me a minute woman.. I am in the process of making flyers to post around our little town, and we have been going looking for him every evening. I just pray he comes back. Hubby told Faith he probably found a girlfriend :DOH! I hope that is all it is
Just please, God, let him come home
Faith is really heartbroken, well we all are..
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Maybe he does have a girlfriend and will be home very soon. I know how awful it feels to have missing pets. It's really hard on the children. May God bring him safely home.

God bless,

Try not to worry, our tomcat has been gone for 4-5 days before and just when I was sure he was gone he would come sautering to the door and start yelling for me to let him in!!
I would definately get him fixed when he gets back so his wandering ways will go away!!

Good Luck
Hope he comes back soon!! I think that male cats can travel quite a distance to find a girlfriend. So maybe he is on his way home soon!
It is so hard when they dissapear like that.

I hope he comes home soon,, tail proudly in the air,,seeming to ask..what is all the fuss about! Cats are like that.

Best wishes for his safe return.
Thanks everyone, I thought that they could be gone for awhile(Never owned a cat before). He still isn't home yet
If I can peel myself away from here and Dreamer's cam, I am going to go looking and calling for him again this afternoon.. I pray that it is just that he did find a "girlfriend"..
At least he will be coming home a happy man. :DOH!
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Hope he comes back soon! We've had outside cats go missing for weeks to months before returning home and they were neutured/spayed...I hope Twister doesn't decide to be gone for that long.
Hi, thanks for remembering and asking
No, I amvery sad to say our little buddy hasn't come back yet. Faith is getting more worried and upset, we all are..


Here's a picture of our little guy..
We have been looking every where for him every night. I know he hates rain, and it has been raining, I thought for sure the rain would have made him come home.. We just pray that he is safe and that nothing has happened to him. It is easier to think he is out roaming..
When I was a little girl, my first pet was a cat named Christopher... he started out "Christina" but turned out to be a boy much to my dismay. He went missing one time for about a week but came home. I still remember, more than 30 years later, how upset me and the whole family were. I hope that her cat comes home like Christopher did!!!
When I was a little girl, my first pet was a cat named Christopher... he started out "Christina" but turned out to be a boy much to my dismay. He went missing one time for about a week but came home. I still remember, more than 30 years later, how upset me and the whole family were. I hope that her cat comes home like Christopher did!!!
Jill, it is funny that you mentioned about Christina becoming Christopher.. Faith had named him Button, thinking he was a she. After a little bit of time, Button turned into Twister, when his family jewels showed up :DOH! I keep hoping that I am going to her him meow at the door to come in..(last night, my mind played tricks on me, and I thought I heard him. When flying to the door, but it was all in my head..
Hi Jodie....

I know that our last house cat, Sofie escaped about a month after we had her......and she was gone for a full 3 days.........and it was stormy and nasty weather.........then on the 3rd evening, while I was on the phone with my husband, I heard what I thought was meowing at our front door....(we never use our front door) I went to see and there was Sofie.....quite indignant and I think a little scared....but she did find

her way home....I have no idea where she was for 3 days and we live on a busy road, but she made it home safe and sound and no worse for the wear....well, except for the toll it took on my nerves.

I hope and pray your little man will return to you soon.....I would bet with it being Spring he is out finding some lady friends.
Twister is gorgeous; and what a beautiful little girl! I pray that he comes home safely soon.

God bless,

Oh no I hope he's home soon. A friend of mines cat went missing for a long time. Everytime I saw a cat that looked like her I called her and told her. Even had to tell her of one that had just been hit by a car right in front of me that looked like her cat(it wasn't her). About 6 months later someone called her and said they had her cat and as soon as she touched her collar it fell off. Had it fallen off sooner they would never have found her. There was a guy working on their house at the time she went missing.They think she jumped either in the back or up underneath his truck. Must have taken a long ride. She was skinny, but very happy to be home.

I hope he comes home... any coyotes in your area? Or other predators? He is pretty!
Sending prayers he gets home soon for Faith and all of his family.
No good news to report, as he still isn't home.. And yes we do have coyotes back in the woods way behind our house
I just pray that they stayed back there and he is just off looking for the ladies..I was watching the Dreamer post this weekend so I didn't get the posters up, but we are doing it tomorrow.. Faith is so worried about him and on our way to the Drs. today she was even crying when we talked about him..
I just wanted to let everyone know, that Mr. Twister still hasn't come home
It will be 2 wks on Tues. I have fliers up, and have gone door to door to some neighbors and no sign of him.. It is like he just disapeared. I miss hearing his sassy little meow, and having him watch me do my make up.. Faith is really upset..
I'm sorry he hasn't come home yet...still sending good wishes though. My cat disappeared around the beginning of archery season last year...unfortunately I know that some hunters, not all of course, will dispose of outdoor cats by means of an arrow.

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