Erica's Shetland Mare Is FOALING

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Thanks for the info..............going to watch right now.........
Uh oh. The camera went off when it looked like someone was trying to help her. I hope everything is OK.
Is anyone else's camera out?
Cam went out ...hopefully everything is going smooth ..

Im excited to see this foal

Looks like a colt!!!
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Hey Erica, I think you should put the word COTTON in his name. (Back of your shirt!)
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They just put up a sign that said it was a colt. Then the camera went out again for me.
Yes it was Lucky that foaled.......terrible storms again in Arkansas today (tornados popping up everywhere!), sure hope it don't yet again surge this quad
: Went four years with no trouble, and then two weeks ago that switcher bit the dust (I chalked it up at the time to just being old), then the new switcher got hit/surged by lighting this am; and I know this quad comes and goes as does my internet when it's raining this hard.

Lucky is being a great mom, for a nervous "pasture" horse which is all she was up until two months ago........Colt is a beautiful JET black and white pinto, his sire is Congress GRAND champion B&L Rock E The Admiral; and Lucky is a Illusion daughter, this colt is small enough he's going to be over class mini size, as dam is just 37".

Sunshine is READY!!!

Swishing her tail and pooping the whole time I was up there, hence the reason the cams are just on her, I'm pooped, but will do my best to NOT turn off the pager in my sleep like last night ..........over two weeks up and down with a colic and running back and forth to the vet b/w mares foaling, show horses and work, I don't even remember turning off the beeper on Sunshine last night, but it was off this morning
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Congratulations! He looks adorable and sounds like he's got the genes to be another great show horse
Congratulations Erica Not sure how you do all that you do but I am sure it is worth it in the end with all the nice horses that you produce.
Well I am off to TX, Sunshine's udder is HUGE this am, had six piles of poo since about 11 last night when I cleaned it last.........I think she's open to go anytime now.

Big Thank you for all that can keep an eye on her. My cell is 501-626-7367 of course I'll be in TX, but if cam stays dropped I can more than likely remote in a get it back online (as long as it's not due to weather)

Dad will be around home his cell is 501-206-9044 and house number is 870-668-.3369 (his cell is not at this time listed on my cams page, but it can be just he works on and off montly overseas) but he is home now.

I know she will go before I get back in on Sunday night, I'll be very suprised if she waits........VERY SUPRISED!

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