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Feb 19, 2005
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Summerfield, NC
Just had to post that the East Coast Miniature Horse Club had its first fun show today. Temp - 97...heat index....don't want to know - unbelievably hot. But show was an unbelievable success. Don't know total count of horses but there were 32...yes...32 horses in SOLID COLOR. 22 horses in Liberty. Many classes had 10-15 entries. Preliminary reports is that the club cleared $2000. It was so exciting to see people showing for the very first time, winning their first blue ribbon and crying all the way to the barn. Local TV showed up, local newspaper showed up. I just can't tell you how inspiring this is to our local industry. We had folks from at least three states show up and this wasn't even a sanctioned show. But let me tell you....the next one will be.

Congratulations to all the exhibitors! Congratulations to the club! And you guys out there...just keep your eye on us! Again, this was just a fun show!!

Also, got to meet several FORUM members. Gander Hill had a great show with her new Rebel colt and all the other horses they brought. Also met some Forum "lurkers" - maybe they'll come out of the closet now! LOL

p.s. Congrats Chandler and last I saw of minimomNC (aka Karen) she was sipping at Craigs
Thank you for posting this! I've been waiting and watching. We were set to go, but couldn't at the last minute. I'm so tickled that all went well.

I'm hoping that someone will post the ECMHC message board as well.

I hear Justine won the colt!!!! WOO HOO!!!

Great work everyone. I'm sure it was a long, tiring day - and the heat didn't help at all.
It was a great show and alot of fun. It was very hot that was for sure. It was alot of fun and a pretty big turn out for the show. The photograher made some really good pictures.

Here are the results for the mare I was showing Gander Hill Chantilly Lace. Only had been worked with for about 2 weeks

Youth Halter 17 and under- 1st out of probable atleast 10 horses

Junior Mares- 1st out of 18 horses

Grand and Reserve- Reserve Champion

For my Gander Hill Spotless Image who my little sister showed. It was my sister's very first show.

Youth Halter 17 and under- 3rd out of probable atleast 10 horses

Junior Mares- 2nd out of 18 horses

For Ravenwoods Platinum Medallion with very little work.

Jr Stallions- 3rd out of big class

We just got home at 11:00pm and just had to look and see if anyone posted about the show. We had so much fun. Yes it was hot but we just made light of it and had a blast. We met some wonderful people new to minis and put names to faces. We just had to do Liberty and a Rogues Native (of Cadel Creek farm) Son , Daughter and grandaughter finished in the top 4 out of about 30 entries. Would love to here how everyone that came liked the show. I was so impressed with the attitude of everyone, the club members and the exhibitors. Lots of volunteers to help out . Absolutely one of the best shows I have ever been to. Everything ran so smooth , and this was our clubs very first show.
I just got in from the show at 2 AM. I photographed the show and I was impressed by the numbers in the classes as well. The color class was so large I don't think I got a picture of everyone before the judge finished judging the class. Sorry guys. If any of you missed picking up one of my cards, you can view the pics by the end of the week at Just click on East Coast Miniature Show. I have lots of editing to do since the lighting in a covered arena is not the best.

The club really did well it seems. There were lots of first time. off the farm, minis and owners as well as the experienced pros who offered a helping hand. I took one girl's picture who had never shown before and was so excited about sharing her horses. I'm sure she learned a lot about showing from the pros. It was a fun time.
This was my first time showing my mini and I had a blast! Aside from my Sugar being the FATTEST pony at the show, she did get fourth place (out of six) in A Senior Mares (she is three years old). Here is a picture....


Here is another picture (with my niece who also had a great time and wants to start showing!) You can see just how fat little Sugar is...


I really hope the ECMHC has another open show this fall (my Sugar is not registered). I would love to get her in better shape and try again.

It was really nice seeing all the gorgeous horses and meeting some really nice folks. Thanks Amy, for all the hard work. Thanks Karen, for letting us use the halter and for giving Sugar some final touch-ups, too.


I wanted to go --- had PLANNED to go --- and for the first time in 15 yrs of minis, had one CHOKE
I tried to resolve it. Didn't work. Was way low in the esophogus (sp?) . Finally got my vet and transported her to him. All is well at this time

So, I'm gonna go see the pics at Peggy's site !! Won't be the same but, best I can do this year.
Okay...I just pulled my lazy tail out of bed (10:30am) and had to hop on here first thing to check the word. The group of people that came together to make this show happen is amazing. I have never seen such a group as ours at any show I have been to. Everyone had great attitudes and stepped in wherever needed--true teamwork. I think we had quite a few changes of job from what was intended as people found what they were best at and things just kept on rolling! I can't thank all of the vollunteers enough! Thank you!!! And then there were the entries...oh my goodness! It was 110 with the heat index and I didn't hear one nastycomment the whole day! There were well over 100 people showing (will get a real count when I go over paperwork later and try to get results posted) and lots of newbies. Those with experience jumped right over and helped those that needed it. The people that run the facility were amazed--we were truly good ambasssadors of our breed, folks! We sure showed them all what you can do with a mini!

Back to my coffee for now...then will try to catch you up on show details.

Woo Hoo!!! I'm so excited for the group. I HATE that I missed it, but I'm so tickled that it all turned out well. We need lots of details...gonna have to make the next meeting for sure!!!!

Keep posting guys....
I was very pleased with all the hard work and effort Amy, Karen and all the other members put into this show!!

You could tell how hard and well thought out this show was - there were few glitches and they were minor!!

I looked through the proofs that Peggy had at the show and it looks like she did an awesome job!

The judge was very nice and kept things moving nicely!

Hope to see everyone again next yr!
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All I can say is thank you to everyone that came to show, everyone that came to help, and everyone that gave their support. I am sorry not everyone that wanted to go, got to. We do want to have another one, just need to recouperate from this one first.

OH yea, I loaned my grey gelding to a wonderful lady that had never even been around minis and she showed him, took second in jr geldings and won the huge solid color class of 33 entries, she is now fixing fence and dividing pastures to start her search for her own minis. Thats what its all about.

And a huge thank you to Craig Westergaard and Bryan Hall of Ravenwood Miniatures for feeding everyone that wanted to go to their farm after the show was over. It was getting late but they had food and drinks for a bunch of starving people. And were wonderful hosts.

Missed you Chandler.
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I had to log on to check this post and to tell everyone that preliminary show results are up on the ECMHC website message board. I am still on an emotional high from yesterday--a whole day where the temperature and hours alone would make people grumpy and yet the atmostphere was constantly upbeat and fun! That is thanks to a wonderful group of people that all showed up just for the love of minis--how cool is that?

PS did anyone get papers with coverage of our show or see us on the news???? If anyone can get a paper, PLEASE get me a copy! Pretty please...?

Thanks again to all of the volunteers, sponsors, advertisers and participants!

We were at the show for a few hours but had to leave early. Our 2 yr old mare we brought with us got colicky and we didnt want to chance having it get worse and not having our vet around, so we took her home. She is doing much better now. This is the 2nd time in a row she has gotten sick at a show.....she colicked at the Fletcher show in July also.

What we saw of the show was great! It seemed to run very smooth and there were a bunch of great people there.
I am so excited that the show went so well. Kudos to everyone involved!

I helped Peggy at the show (I was the one with the computers). We've decided that my new title is, "Image Manager."
Even though the lighting in the arena was a NIGHTMARE, Peggy got some great pics.

See 'ya at the next one!!

BTW...That was my Great Dane, Dudley.
Fox 8 News closed the 6 pm news with our show. Showed some horses showing, some getting ready, a weanling running and playing and even though short it was good coverage. The newspaper article is to run in the Winston Salem Journal Thursday.
Will try to get copies.
Preliminary results are now up on our website at on the message board for those interested. I will add the high point and other awards when I get home from work tonight.


Congratulations everybody on their placings, and the shows success

Wished I could have been there and thanks for letting me know I was missed

Cant wait to see you all at Worlds....

MMMMMMMMmmm maybe I should quit my job and train full time so I can go to all the shows and wont have the excuse I have to work
This show was incredible. It ran smoother and had more entries than any sanctioned show I have been to this year. I am very proud to be involved with this club. We have so many hard working people. Our members are the friendliest, most considerate, and best people in the horsie community.

Congradulation go out to Karen, Amy, Jim, Mary, Lucia, Andy, Vicki, Tricia, I forget Tricias husbands name, but him too, Mark, Sharon, Samantha,... Gosh, I know I am forgetting someone, but everyone worked so hard and I so appreciate it.

Thanks again guys, Now lets get started on the next one. LOL


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