Driving harness storage/carrier suit case?

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Oct 6, 2019
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I know a lot of people use soft, zippered harness bags and plastic storage containers to store and transport their driving harnesses, but I am interested in converting an old, hard-side suitcase to a driving harness carrier for my daughter. We have three minis and she drives two of them. Can anyone share pictures of other suit case conversions? I would love to see how others have done this to help guide my decisions about what types of straps to use to hold the harness, how far apart the straps should be, and creative ways to keep everything neat and tidy and safe.
Never seen a suitcase used but it sounds amazing. Post pics when you get it done. Most of the soft bags have adjustable nylon straps with snap together buckles. It works well because you can adjust each one to hold your harness pieces in the order you prefer them. Everyone has their own order to things and this makes it really easy to customize. I've also seen some with velcro loops sewn at the sides so you can get things like reins and traces to stay put and untangled.

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