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Feb 3, 2005
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Ello, I know basically nothing about donkeys, know people who have them but never have learned about them or worked with them. Anyways I hate to sound silly, but I've always been told donkeys are very very loud. Now, I know that obviously any animal can be loud but whenever I've seen donkies they havn't been making any noises really (well loud ones). So all you donkey experts can you straighten my curiousity out please!!! thanks a bunch.

oh and Ive been told a few times that mini donkies are louder than regular standard sized donkies...?
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Oh yes they are loud.. In the summer months with windows open and you are still in the sack sawing logs...And it is getting past what they think is feeding time lol YOU will know it~! And mine when I walk outside and he satrts "saying hellow" I just talking and he just keeps on and on it is sooo cute
you dont want a donkey if you live in a suburb type of neighborhood trust me even those neighbors who may love you will quickly NOT!

we have a donkey about a mile away from us i hear him clearly and loudly, 2 large mules down the street they are loud to although for some reason not as loud as the donkey i guess casue they change pitch halfway thru since they have this odd whinny/bray thing going on.

there is even a donkey up about 1 1/2 mile he is a burro actually one they adopted from the BLM and he is pretty loud as well although i usually only her him in the summer with windows and doors open.

so yes a donkey is very very loud but they are so cute
Donkeys are VERY loud! There is one that is about half a mile from here-- the first time I heard it I thought it was next door! I asked around, and nope-- several streets away. That's the main reason I haven't gotten one, here, we have too many fairly close neighbors that I don't want to annoy. When we move to our new property I may finally be able to get one (or two)
YEp get a group together at feeding time or when you are adding a new buddy, you almost need ear plugs.
hahahaha alright! Although it's a nice loud right not a gross thing you'd find horrible..atleast that's what I'd think. Maybe you'd have to be a horse (well donkey) person to think that! haha! Thanks again
I have 4 mini donkeys, 1 hinny, and a standard size donkey. In my case, it seems to be Earl, our standard size who gets my minis going, but that is usually only in the morning while I feed..he thinks he should be fed first and once he has his grain..everything is quiet. The only time mine bray when they are outside is when "something" is out of the ordinary going on in the pasture, they are very protective of the horses. My neighbors 1/4 mile up the road from me, think its cute when they hear them, and call me to find out whats going on. I do know of a few that are HORRIBLE loud, but oh well...still not as loud as my cockatoo, which Lori (luvmycritters) is babysitting/getting to know, for the winter!
I have 2 donkeys Jakob and Jonah, they are still babies(well guess they are yearlings, now) They "help" to keep me on schedule with their feed! When it is their eating time, they begin to bray and until they have been fed, they will let the whole world know.

I just love them and I love their braying sound!! Thank goodness we live in the country!

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