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May 5, 2007
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If I DNA them for AMHA,,do I have to do a separate DNA test for the AMHR? The AMHA test is $41. each and the AMHR DNA test is $31. each!!! Or can I pay the DNA Fee for AMHA and just submit the results to AMHR? Or do I have to pay the separate fees for each regisration.
Me either. But that stallion I leases, his owner wants to DNA himf for both. She said it was on the amhr web site.

BTW the stalion I leased worked out very well and something great came from it. I met a great friend and pure genuis in the horse world. I thought I would share what a sucess!!! Now I cant wait for his babies:)))
If he's DNA'd in AMHA, I *think* AMHR will recognize the DNA with a copy of the DNA report from the lab. You might contact AMHR to verify. And it may be true with AMHA too. I'm not sure though. However, if horses need to be Parent Qualified, their DNA results may all have to be from the same lab. Each registry uses a different lab.
I have one mare who was AMHA registered only when I bought her. I had her DNAed with AMHA. I then had her AMHR registered from her AMHA papers and her AMHR registration certificate states at the bottom that she is DNA tested.
I called AMHR. I have AMHA mares that are DNA'd and asked if I could send AMHR a copy of the results and have them listed as DNA'd. They said NO. I have to pay them for another DNA test. They will nor recognize the test results from AMHA because it is through a differnt state.
When will both associations learn to work with each other?


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